Alfonso Ortiz (b. 1811) and Juana Maria Romero (b. 1824)

Jose Eldifonso (Alfonso) Ortiz was born January 26, 1811, in Santa Fe to Jose Antonio Ortiz and Maria Gertrudis Roibal. He married twice. His first wife was Maria Francisca Martinez (daughter of Roman Martines and Josefa Tafoya, witnesses Antonio Valdez and Rafael Borrego) who apparently died in child birth after her first child.

AASF #31, Frames 791-792; 09 December 1836, Jose Yldefonso Ortiz, son of Antonio Ortiz and Gertrudis Roibal married Francisca Martines, daughter of Roman Martines and Josefa Tafoya, of the City of Santa Fe. Witnesses were Antonio Valdez and Rafael Borrego.

At age 33 he remarried Maria Juana Romero, 19, child of Miguel Romero and Maria Rita Gallegos. Maria Rita was born in 1806 and married Juan Miguel Romero on March 18, 1824 at la Castrense. Her parents were Juan Antonio de Jesus Gallegos, born in New Mexico in 1765 to Pedro Antonio Gallegos (born about 1743) and Maria Margarita Garcia, married in 1771.

According to the New Mexico Marriages of Santa Fe and the Military Chapel of Our Lady of Light p. 212, on October 3, 1844, José Eldifonso Ortiz, widower of Francisca Martines married Juana Maria Romero, the single daughter of Miguel Romero and Maria Rita Gallegos of this city (AASF #31, frames 915-916) .

Jose Eldifonso Ortiz and Maria Juana Romero were padrinos to Nestor Ortiz and Maria Rufina Valdez's daughter Maria Genoveva Ortiz baptized January 5, 1869. Nestor Ortiz is listed as a vecino from La Joya, New Mexico. La Joya is north of Espanola near San Juan Pueblo at a ranch now known as the Cottonwood Ranch. Nestor Ortiz was one of the original settlers of southern Colorado town of Ortiz. He was known to be one of the richest settlers of that day. He also was a master jeweler and had interests in the turquoise mine in the San Luis Valley. He later moved to California. He must have been a nephew of Jose Eldifonso Ortiz.

Children of Jose Eldifonso Ortiz and Maria Juana Romero:

Jose Francisco Ortiz, born January 18, 1848, Santa Fe, New Mexico, died 1931.

Rumaldo Ortiz, born about 1843

Petra Ortiz (Martines) born at the time of her mother's death

Maria Paula Ortiz, born June 28, 1846

Diego Thomas Ortiz, born April 26, 1856. He joined the Christian brothers and resided in Las Vegas, NM.  I have obtained his death certificate. According to it Brother Diego Thomas Ortiz was born on April 26, 1856 in Santa Fe, NM. His parents were Idelfonso Ortiz, born in NM and Juana Maria Romero, born in NM. He was male, white, and single. He was a teacher employed by a religious order He was married to blank. He died at the age of 65 years, 8 months, and 10 days at 7:15 am on January 5, 1927 at 117 Gonzales St. in Las Vegas, NM. The cause of his death was given as no doctor and not known. The informant was the Christian Brothers School Records in Las Vegas. He was buried in the Brother's Cemetery on January 7, 1927.

There is Saint Francis parish baptismal record for September 24, 1859 for two day old Maria Lina, legitimate daughter of José Alfonso Ortiz and Juana Maria Romero (LDS 0016894)

Children were: José Francisco born January 18, 1848 in Santa Fe, died 1931; Rumaldo born about 1843; Maria Paula born June 28, 1846. Diego Ortiz joined the Christian Brothers.

The 1850 Territorial Census (p. 169), December 31, shows: Census for the Territory of New Mexico shows:

José Ildefonso 39 m NM, male, farmer, that could not read or write, married to (Maria) Juana (Romero), 23, female, with the following children:

Petra 13 f NM (would have been the daughter from the marriage of Maria Francisca Martin(es))) (born about 1837)

Paula 3 f NM (born about 1847)

Francisco 3 m NM.

The 1870 census shows the young Francisco working in Archbishop Lamy's garden.

The 1880 census shows José I. Ortiz, a 71 year old agricultural laborer living with his 49 year old wife Juana M., who is keeping house. Their son Teofilo, 14, is living with them as well as a 24 year old niece, Maria V. Valdez, who is a servant.

Next door are Francisco Ortiz, a 28 year old laborer, his 23 year old wife Alcaria and their two children, Pedro 4 and Luis 1.

 In another part of town is a Romaldo Ortiz, who is a 27 year old schoolteacher mariied to 23 year old Vicenta, who is keeping house.

José Francisco Ortiz married Maria Alcaria Barbero and gave my Ortiz family its name.

According to a warranty deed filed in the Santa Fe County Court House, on April 26, 1884 A.D., Juana Maria Romero de Ortiz, resident of the city and County of Santa Fe of the Territory of Nuevo Mejico, sold Francisco Ortiz and Alcaria Barbero de Ortiz, of the city and County of Santa Fe of the Territory of Nuevo Mejico a house and property in Cerro Gordo for the sum of "Cincuenta ($50.00) pesos, dinero legal de los Estados Unidos a ella en mano pagados", the whole piece of land and the house located on the same was situated in the aforesaid County and Territory, precinct no. 3, in a place usually called "Cerro Gordo". The house and land were bounded to the north by the property of Juana Maria Romero de Ortiz, and to the east, west and south by the property of the same Juana Maria Romero de Ortiz. From east to west on the northern and on the southern side, the land and house measured 84 yards and 2 feet, and from east and west, from north to south, 8 yards and one foot. In addition some four rooms of the house, located on the eastern side of the land a yard and a half of string's distance from the northern, southern, eastern, and western sides. In addition another bit of land situated in the same place and bound to the north by an arroyito and property of Juan Lucero; to the south, by a stone boundary and the property of Romualdo Ortiz; to the west by an arroyito and limits of the first mentioned property, and to the east by the property of Juana Maria Romero de Ortiz, and measuring 50 yards from east to west. In addition another piece of land measuring 6 yards from east to west, on the northern side; and from north to south, east and west, 8 yards. This piece of land is situated on the western side of the previously mentioned house.

Now, the way I've got this figured out, altogether we are talking about a long, skinny piece of land measuring 418 ft. x 25 ft. It was composed of three skinny plots, from west to east: 18 ft. x 25 ft.; 254 ft. x 25 ft.; and 150 ft. x 25 ft. A four room house was situated on the middle and biggest plot. The land on all sides was owned by Juana. The house was one and one half yards from the boundaries of that middle piece of land. That would mean that it had floor space of 254 ft. x 16 ft. and the rooms would have averaged 61 ft. x 16 ft. To east of the house was the piece of land measuring 150 ft. x 25 ft. It was bounded on the north and west by an arroyito and to the south by a stone wall. Juan Lucero's land lie to the north, Romualdo Ortiz's, Francisco's brother, land to the south and Juana's land was to the east. The smallest plot, 18 ft. X 25 ft. was to the west of the house and surrounded by Juana's land.