Antonia Ortiz (1887-1979) and Juan Callahan (1883-1948)
Many thanks to Colleen Callahan Bedore and her cousin Geri for information on the Callahans.

Antonia Ortiz de Callahan was born to Francisco Ortiz and Alcaria Barbero in Santa Fe on November 9, 1887. She was baptized November 18, 1887 at Saint Francis Parish. Her godparents were and Mercedes Barbero and José (the last name looks something like Herwell, but I suspect it was Erwin, Mercedes' husband). Antonia died on February 5, 1979 at the age of 91.

Her brothers and sisters were: Pedro, Luis, Francisco, Sofio, Lourdes, and Frank. Only she, Sofio, Lourdes, and Frank grew to adulthood. The others died in a smallpox epidemic. They lived in the Cerro Gordo part of Santa Fe.

In the oral history on this site, Frank remembers his childhood. Of his brother's and sisters he says:

"In 1890, three brothers died in the smallpox epidemic, Pedrito, Luisito, and I don't remember the other one. They were buried over by the PERA building over there. Mother used to bring them flowers. They died of that smallpox, the viruela. It was the oldest ones that died. A lot of them, you know, were marked for life. Some of the neighbors were marked. They're all gone now. That epidemic, you know, just cleared up the whole thing. My mother lost three of them right there. I don't know how Tonita and Sofio survived. It was the oldest ones that died. But that cleaned up the whole thing right there. That was before I was born. I was born in '97. As I say, we used to go out on Memorial Day. We used to go out and take flowers to them. They had a very nice place there.I was the youngest one. There were the three and then, of course, there were four of us, that's seven. That's as far as I can remember anyway."

The 1900 Census shows Francisco, Alcaria, Sofio, Antonia, Lourdes and Frank living in Santa Fe. Francisco is listed as a store keeper. Cruz Valencia is listed immediately after them.

Antonia (Tonita) Ortiz married Juan Callahan. According to the St Francis Cathedral Marriages book: On the 5th of June 1907 Juan Callaghan, single legitimate son of Cornelio Calaghan and of Guadalupe Lucero de Calaghan married Antonia Ortiz, single, legitimate daughter of Francisco Ortiz and Alcaria Barbero de Ortiz, all of Santa Fe." Juan and Antonia had two children: Salomon and Josefa. Salomon married Carlotta and had one son Joseph Salomon "Pepe" Callahan. Josefa married Mike Salazar.

I have been told by a cousin that Juan Callahan was a womanizer and his father told Tonita before her marriage that he did not think that Juan would make her happy.

The 1920 Census shows Francisco O. Romero and Alcaria V. Romero living on Delgado St with John, 38, and Tonita Callahan, his 31 year old wife and Salomon, their 12 year old son. John is listed as a butcher in a butcher shop , whose father had been born in Ireland and whose mother had been born in New Mexico. Francisco, 65, is listed as John's father in law and a gardener in a private family. Alcaria, 54, is listed as John's mother in law.

Juan Callahan was the son of Cornelius and Guadalupe Callahan. John and Ellen (Helen) Callahan came to America from Ireland. In 1850, they set sail from Liverpool, England on the Phelina. They landed in Castle Garden, New York. After living in New Jersey, settled in Niles, Michigan. It seems that the railroad and Ellen's brother Owen were the reasons for the move. In Michigan the family had a meat market.

John and Ellen had four children.

Cornelius, born in 1852 in New Jersey

Michael L., born in Niles, Michigan in 1854. He married Ann Haney from Canada. They had two children William and Josephine. Ann Haney died (unsure of the year).

John F. Callahan, born in Niles, Michigan in 1856. He married Josephine Campeau from Detroit Michigan they had one son Edward Carroll Callahan known as "the old vet". He is buried in St. Agnes Cemetery.

Johanna Callahan, born in Niles, Michigan in1858. She married Martin O'Day.

In the 1860 Census, Ellen is listed as a widow and all the children are living with her along with her brother Owen. Ellen's occupation is given as washer woman

Somewhere during the late 1870s or early 1880s, the family moved to South Bend Indiana about 7 miles away from Niles, Michigan. They had the land that is now part of Notre Dame University. Ellen could not pay the taxes of $7.83 for the year and the family decides to move. Ellen, Michael, Grandma Haney, John & Josephine, Johanna and Martin all returned to NY State and settled in Syracuse. John Sr. died somewhere between 1858 and 1860. Little is known about where he is buried.

Cornelius Callahan and Guadalupe Lucero

In the early 1880s, Cornelius made his way to New Mexico supposedly for his health, tuberculosis. There he met and married Guadalupe Lucero, the daugther of José Lucero and Josefita Sena (both of Santa Fe). It is understood that she spoke only Spanish and he spoke only English, but they made it work.

They had ten children: Juan, Eugenio, Cornelio, Augustin, Helen, Josephine, Catherine, Mary, and apparently a set of twins who did not survive. Catherine, Mary and Josephine have not yet been verified.

Juan was baptized in St Francis Parish is Santa Fe on November 1, 1883 and born on October 29th. His godparents were José Carlos Lucero and Maria Josefa Sena (this looks like his mother's parents). On his baptismal record his family name is spelled Callaghan. He became Vice President of the Western Meat Co. in Albuquerque where he was in business with his brothers Cornelio and Augustin and perhaps Eugene. He died on May 7, 1948 and is buried in Mt Calvary Cemetery.

Helen, who seems to have been the youngest daughter. She was living with Guadalupe when she died in 1934..

Eugene was born in Santa Fe around 1886. According to the St Francis Cathedral marriage books: "On the 6th of 1906 (the month is blank but it must have been July) Eugene Callaghan, single legitimate son of Cornelio Callaghan and Guadalupe Lucero married Felicitas Ortega, single, legitimate daugher of Anastasio Ortega and Concepcion Ribera, all of Santa Fe. At some point, Eugene married Lola (Delores) Baca. He had several children. In the 1920 census it shows him married to Lola Baca with a 7 year old son, name unreadable but perhaps Sabitano. In 1921, Edward Eugene "Max" Callahan was born. Edward "Max", who was a trucker, married 5 times and died in Oregon in 1984. On Max's death certificate it states he was born in Kansas (the Robert Max Callahan in the California death records --12/18/1938, mother's maiden name Mora, b. New Mexico, died in Tulare County, CA on 12/22/1969 31 yrs) is another son of Max. In 1923, Daniel Callahan was born (died in 2002). At 3am on February 2, 1929, a son of Eugene and Lola died at the age of 1 year, 1 month and 3 days. His name was Willie. He had been born on December 26, 1928. He died of bronchial pheumonia. According to his death certificate. Willie was born in Pueblo, Colorado, but died in Albuquerque. When he died he had resided at 1014 N. Broadway St in Albuquerque for 5 months. Lola's birthplace is given as Albuquerque. The informant was Eugene Callahan. He was buried Santa Barbara on February 2, 1929 I have a death certificate for Issac Callahan son of Tillie Maes born in Valencia, NM and Eugene Callahan born in Santa Fe. According to it Isaac was born in Albuquerque and died on November 28, 1930, at the age of 25 days, cause unknown, no physician. He died at 1215 N. Arno in the village of Santa Barbara in Bernalillo County. The name given on the birth certificate was Maes. He was buried in Santa Barbara Cemetery. Tillie Maez was the informant. According to the 1930 census Tillie was only 14 when she gave birth to Issac and that Eugene was 44. At this point, Eugene is the total mystery man. After 1934, he seems to disappear. There is a son, name illegible, who was listed as 7 years old in the 1920 census. Lola Baca who was only 15 when this son was born. There are lots of rumors about Eugene and Lola. It is not known where he died, perhaps Colorado.

Agustin, born in Santa Fe on August 28, 1898 (the feast of St Augustine) married Dela (Deluvina Luna). I have a death certificate for a son, Agustin who was born in Albuquerque and had resided at 1051 North St. for his whole life. He died at the age of 21 days on August 3, 1922 of colitis, congenital disability. His father was Agustin Callahan, born in Santa Fe, and his mother Deluvina Luna, born in Algodones. He was buried in Santa Barbara Cemetery on August 4, 1922. The informant was Agustin Callahan. According to her Dela's death certificate she died Dela on died at 3 am on March 31, 1927. in Domingo in Bernalillo County. Her address was 1251 N. 8th St. Albuquerque. She was born in Algodones in 1898 to Leandro Luna, born in Algodones, NM and Brijida Baca, born in Algodones, NM. She was married and her husband was Agust Callahan. The cause of death was Chronic Pulmonary Tuberculosis which she had suffered from for two years. She was buried at Calvary Cemetery. The informant was Agust Callahan of 1251 N. 8th St. According to Agustin's death certificate he was born on August 28, 1898 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His parents were Cornelio Callahan born in Santa Fe and Guadalupe Callahan born in Santa Fe.He was 32 years and died at his residence at 1251 North 8th St. in Albuquerque. He had resided in the county for 20 years. He had worked as a Butcher for about 15 years and had worked at this occupation until January 1931. He died of acute alcoholism on June 20, 1931. The onset of this acute alcoholism was the day before. A contributory factor was bronchial pnuemonia. The informants were Mr and Mrs L. J. Johnston, of Albuquerque. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery on June 23, 1931. His wife at that point is given as Mary Callahan.

Cornelio, born in Santa Fe on March 17, 1901, married Jenevieve in 1920, born January 3, 1900. They had 10 children. One of them still lives in the same house. Cornelio died in the 1930s, but his wife only died February 10, 1995 and is buried in Mt Calvary Cemetery. Their children: Lillian Callahan Roybal; Regina Callahan Romero (died on Nov. 13 1999 at age 77); Mabel Callahan Padilla, husband is Mike Padilla); Fred Callahan, died before Regina; Richard Callahan; and Larry Callahan, who is currently in a coma from a mugging that happened last August. He's about 74 and he is the one that had all the family information. Larry's wife is Lola and she has only been married to him for a few years. According to his death certificate Cornelio died in Albuquerque on November 8, 1930 of Pellagra. His residence was 1238 N. 8th St. His wife was Jenevieve R. Callahan, who was the informant. He was 29 years, 7 months and 21 days old and born in Santa Fe on March 17, 1901. His father was Cornelio Callahan born in New York and Guadalupe Lucero born in Santa Fe. He had been a Meat Cutter for 16 years. He had resided in Bernalillo County for 22 years. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery on July 11, 1930.

The father and sons had a butcher shop and later Juan became the Vice President of Western Meat Co. in Albuquerque, where he was in business with his brothers Cornelio and Augustin and perhaps Eugenio. They were very successful with three locations, two of which the family lived at the same address, 1251 8th St and 1238 8th St., which is now NW St., Tonita refused to live in Albuquerque and lived in Santa Fe. My grandfather thought that it was a shame to leave Juan alone. Apparently, Tonita used to spoil Salomon.

In the oral history on this site Frank Ortiz, Juan Callahan's brother-in-law recalls: "My brother-in-law, Callahan was over here in Santa Fe. He was a butcher. And he left and went to Albuquerque to work for a big company there. My sister Tonita was married to Juan Callahan and she was out there too. So I asked her, I said, "Now listen. If I go there, can I have a room and a meal, just to get me off, and I'll pay you." He used to bring me meat and all that, hamburger and sausages and all stuff like that. We had plenty of meat there. And we lived right there on Third Street. My other sister Lourdes married a Howland. And he was printer and they moved over to Albuquerque. So, I had two my brothers-in-law there. I was in clover then because I could shift from one to the other".

Cornelius Sr. died at the age of 76 on February 1, 1927 of stomach cancer. I see that I have mislaid his death certificate.

Guadalupe Lucero de Callahan died in her residence at 1251 N. 8th St in Albuquerque at 1:30 pm on June 6, 1934. The cause was chronic nephritis which she had had since 1932. She was the widow of C. L. Callahan and had worked in her own home as a housekeeper for 50 years. She had lived in Bernalillo County for 27 years. She was about 70 years old and was born in about 1864 to José Lucero of Santa Fe and Josefita Sena of Santa Fe. She was buried in Calvary Cemetery on June 9, 1934. The informant was L. J. Johnston of Albuquerque.

Some Descendents of Tonita and Juan Callahan

Tonita and Juan had two children: Josefina, married who married Mike Salazar. Lita Whitmer (she had two marriages) is Tonita's and Juan's granddaughter, the daughter of Josefina Callahan and Mike Salazar. She lives in California. Michael Salazar is Lita`s twin brother. His father belonged to a well known businessman`s family. His father had a funeral home and a restaurant that was legendary with the locals and remembered for serving the best sopapillas. It was where the Pink Adobe currently is, next to the old curio shop in Santa Fe. Josefina died a couple of years ago at the age of 91.

Solomon was the son of Tonita and Juan Callahan. He was born March 22,1908 and died in Los Angeles County on October 21, 1984 at the age of 76 yrs. Solomon had hardware store on Sunset Blvd, near Silverlake in the Melrose district. Apparently it is still there and still called Callahan's. Apparently Solomon could never make it work. He had the only Spanish language newspaper in Los Angeles. He was a staunch democrat and he his congressman was Richard Nixon (of Whittier). Solomon was on to Nixon early. He married Carlie who was born in New Mexico on November 17,1909. She died of cancer in Los Angeles County on March 4, 1990, at the age of 80 yrs.

John Michael Callahan was the youngest son of Carlie and Solomon Callahan. He was born in New Mexico on May 11, 1933. He stayed in Whittier when the rest of the family moved to Los Angeles. He was coach at Whittier High School in California and very popular. He died in Los Angeles County on July 8, 1980, at the age of 47 yrs. He was the first of their family to die and the tributes at his funeral were very moving.

Solomon's and Carlie's son Joseph "Pepe" Callahan was born May 13, 1930 in New Mexico and died in Los Angeles County on July 19, 1997 at the age of 67. Pepe was a Hollywood actor and played in a number of movies and television programs.


"Mia" Shipcott, aka Maria Cruz Shipcott, sent me this information: "My mom was Toni Armijo (Mellen) birthname: Antonia Ramona Armijo from Santa Rosa NM. She was somewhat raised by Solomon and Carlie Callahan and her grandma Maria Salazar (Carlie's mom) most of her life and with Carlotta "Carlie" in the 1940's, and early 50's. This is her daughter, "Mia". "I was born in Los Angeles in 1956, and my brother Stephen in 1954. Aunt Carlie and Uncle Solomon lived in Los Angeles when I knew them and we visited them almost every weekend. We grew up in the San Fernando Valley. I knew their sons well they were like brothers to my mom, and I called them Uncle Joe (Pepe), and Uncle Johnny (John Michael). Pepe was married twice. The first one was annulled. The 2nd one, he married Sharon and they had a son Joseph Jr. in 1968. They divorced shortly after, and Sharon moved back to Michigan where she raised her son everyone calls, "Joey". I still keep in touch with Joey via email. My mom Toni, took good care of Carlie and Pepe when they were both in a nursing home and she made sure they were treated well, and had what they needed before they passed on. My mom, (Antonia, "Toni"), died in October of 2003, as a result of a complicated surgery due to having Ovarian cancer since 1999. She was 71 years old. She was actually Carlie's niece. Carlie's sister "Manuelita" died about 4 days after my mom was born. Toni, my mom, divorced my biological father when I was a baby, so I never knew him. My brother and I met him (Alfred Cruz) for the first time about 3 years ago, and we haven't seen him since. Stephen and I are very close and in touch with my 3rd cousins the Callahans. They are the grandchildren of Solomon and Carlie (Carlotta), and John Callahan Sr. was their dad. Their names are from oldest to youngest, Charleen, Cathleen, Colleen, John Jr, and Craig. They are 1 year apart in age the oldest one born the same year as me in 1956. I remember when I was young, visiting Solomon's family in El Monte, Josey, Lita, Michael, and their kids, I remember Tonita also, but I didn't know her well. My uncle Johnny Calllahan was closer to them, and kept in touch with them because he lived close by in N. Whittier. My mom too was very close to Josey's daughter, Lita. They hung out as teenagers or young adults. Before I was born, my mom Toni moved around a lot when she was young. She was raised by her grandmother, Maria, so she moved back and forth from New Mexico to California, wherever her grandma could stay. When I was little, I also remember going with my Uncle Solomon places that he had dealings with, his newspaper, and his store in LA. He was an eccentric man, who had many ventures such managing the careers of models and want to be actresses.He had portfolios of them in his apartment, and he had all kinds of newspapers, and magazines, and collected misc. paraphanalia from places like India, or Africa and Asia. . Solomon was very proud of his son's Pepe's career as a singer and an actor. Although Pepe and Johnny were brothers, they looked nothing alike. But when Johnny's kids were born, his youngest son Craig resembled Pepe which was uncanny.. It is sad to think that they are all gone now. Uncle Solomon and Carlie have 11 great grandchildren. Joey, Pepe's only son, has no children, he's about 39 and he's getting married soon. has lived in Chicago, and he just moved back to Leland, Michigan. I have 3 children, ages 26, 17, and 14. 2 boys and a girl. I'm married for the 2nd time, to Dean Shipcott and we've been married almost 19 years. My brother, Stephen was very close to Solomon, and loved him very much. He has never been married, a confirmed bachelor, no children. He lives in the Santa Clarita Valley, and I live in La Verne (San Gabriel Valley)."