Benjamin Anthony Delgado (1929-2020)
submitted by his grandaughter Samantha Folger
Benjamin's family (Joseph, Emma, Benjamin T. and Benjamin A.), Benjamin A. as a policeman. Be sure to see the great pictures below of Benjamin Anthony as a boy, his mother Emma (Manuela), another picture of Benjamin A., followed by information about his father Benjamin T. Delgado with links to other family members.

Benjamin Anthony Delgado, born June 28 1929 in Los Angeles CA, passed October 6th 2020 just prior to 8AM at the age of 91 due to complications of hospitalization. Benjamin was born to Manuela Licon Delgado of C
hihuahua, Mexico & Benjamin Thomas Delgado of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Being from a family with a long history of service, he naturally joined the navy at age 17. Upon finishing his services, he joined the LAPD and was eventually promoted to the bomb squad. Benjamin was a motorcycle cop prior to the bomb squad, unfortunately being involved in a couple bad accidents that he miraculously survived. He was a man of many stories, two of them I remember being of how he assisted birthing two babies in their vehicle while working and one of those infants being named after him due assisting with the child's birth. Not only is he known for being on the LAPD, but for his writings- he published responses in the newspaper, wrote a few children's books as well as short stories for friends & family to enjoy. He was a very proud, family-oriented man who cherished his Spanish ancestry. Growing up I was taught multiple times how to make New Mexican sopapillas & many times my grandfather and I sorted through family photos of our ancestors, one being Felipe Santiago Delgado & other New Mexican residents. He not only loved his Spanish ancestry & family, but his wife Gwendolyn Jean Hoag & their one daughter Kathleen Anne. Being widowed when Kathy was young, he worked hard to care for his daughter and maintain his career as a police officer. My mother is Kathleen & she married into the Folger family. 
      My grandfather loved Yosemite and purchased a cabin to be kept and thrive for future generations & renters alike. He ensured the safety of his family before his passing & solidified his relationship with God. He was very involved in the church & ensured my sister, mother & I received Catholic education in our younger years. He is currently buried next to his beloved wife at the San Fernando Mission, a few plots down from his parents and in the same cemetery as his grandson Martin.

Eulogy Given at Rosary for Benjamin Thomas Delgado on February 7, 1973 (February 8, 1973)

He was born August 26, 1886, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Son of Maria del Refugio Salazar and Antonio Delgado, son of the prominent Delgado family of Santa Fe New Mexico. Descendent of Captain Manuel (Francisco) Delgado of the Royal Army of Spain and was sent to the country in 1776. Captain Delgado had several sons, one of whom was Benjamin T. Delgado's great grandfather Manuel Salustiano Delgado, who was one of the many responsible for bringing supplies to Santa Fe from Old Mexico on the famous Santa Fe Trail. His son Felipe S. Delgado [Benjamin's grandfather] was appointed Superintendent of Indian Affairs by President Abraham Lincoln. Religion has always been a predominant part of Benjamin T. Delgado's family. His aunt Sister M. Gertrude, a Sister of Loretto in Santa Fe for 74 years, died at the age of 92. His sister M. Victoria, also a Sister of Loretto for 71 years, died in November 72, the crucifix belonging to Sister Victoria has been placed with Benjamin T. Delgado in his final resting place. His parents passed away when he was very young and he and his brother Felipe and sister, Sister Victoria were raised by their Grandparents. Benjamin served in the U.S. Calvary under the command of General Pershing and later in the US Infantry during World War I. He was wounded twice while serving in France at Chateau Thierry, and received the Purple Heart and other decorations. He was wounded and pronounced dead. His Sister, Sister Victoria was notified of his death by the War Department. He was found "alive" by the Salvation Army and received medical treatment and recovered. Upon his return to the United States he called his sister from New York. She could not believe it was him as she had been notified of his death, but after discussing several childhood experiences, she was convinced. The Veterans Administration sent him to Los Angeles in 1920, for his health and medical treatment.
Benjamin became a Los Angeles Fireman and retired in 1945. He was a man who always had a helping hand for those in need. During the depression years he was contributing to the support and welfare of many other families and later to friends in need, never expecting paying payment or acknowledgment. In 1928, prior to the depression, he married Emma Licon and had two sons, Benjamin Jr. and Joseph. He had the complete respect of his family and casual acquaintances. In 1950 he was first taken ill, with a stroke and complications followed through the subsequent years. In the 23 years of his illness he always kept his strong religious ties, reciting the Rosary daily and received Communion frequently. He received the last sacrament numerous times following critical periods of his illness. He passed away, peacefully in the company of his wife Emma, at home, with Rosary in his hands, 11:15 am February 5, 1973.
Newspaper Notice

Requiem Mass Set Today for Benjamin T. Delgado. Requiem Mass for Benjamin T. Delgado, descendent of a prominent Santa Fe, NM pioneer family and resident of Sepulveda for 14 years, will be celebrated today at 9 am at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church… with interment following at San Fernando Mission Cemetery. The resident of California since 1920 died at his home Monday. He was 86. An early ancestor of Mr. Delgado was Capt. Manuel Delgado who served in the Royal Army of Spain in 1776 and subsequently settled in an area which became New Mexico's capital. His grandfather Don Felipe Delgado was a probate judge and county commissioner in New Mexico and appointed superintendent of Indian Affairs by President Abraham Lincoln. Homes of the Delgado family are being restored and designates as state museums. Mr. Delgado himself served in the US Calvary under Gen. John J. Pershing, then transferred to the infantry and saw action during World War I in France where he was wounded twice and subsequently awarded the Purple Heart. At one time, because his identification tags were found on a battlefield, Mr. Delgado was reported as dead, and arrangements were made for his sister to receive insurance benefits. However, he was recovered by the Salvation Army which arranged for his return to New York. For health reasons Mr. Delgado moved to California and in 1925 joined the Los Angeles City Fire Dept. retiring in 1945. Surviving him qre his widow Emma L., sons Benjamin Delgado Jr. who is a detective with Foothill Division, Los Angeles Police Dept. and Joseph Delgado of Reno, Nev. and three grandchildren.