Cointa Larragoite (abt. 1854-1884) and José Benito Garcia

Cointa Larragoite and her great granddaughter the movie star Luana Anders y Martinez

(The picture of Cointa was owned by her granddaughter Margaret Mary Delgado y Garcia de Noriega de Ortiz)

Cointa Larragoite was born about about 1854 in Velarde, NM. Her parents were Benito Anselmo Larragoite and Feliciana Valdes. I don't think that we have ever found a baptismal record for her.

Cointa is an unusual name. I have inquired in Spain about the name and am told that that is a real name, though uncommon, and is not a nickname. I found this information about Saint Cointa on the internet:

SANTA COINTA, Mártir, 249 d.C. 8 de Febrero El triunfo de Santa Cointa, mártir, a la cual los paganos en tiempo del Emperador Decio llevaban por fuerza a que adorase los ídolos; y habiendo rehusado con abominación, la ataron con sogas de los pies, y la llevaron arrastrando por las calles y plazas de la ciudad, hasta dejarla despedazada.

A sister from Basque country that I met on a train tells me there was a sister of her congregation named Cointa and that she is a candidate for sainthood. I think that it is possible that Cointa was named for this person. This sister told me that she had taught children with the name Larragoite, but only in Vizcaya. On Feliciana's legal document her name is clearly written as Cocinta.

Cointa married Jose Benito Garcia on January 9, 1873 in San Juan Catholic Church. It is worth noting that he was the son of the sister (Teodora Valdez de Garcia) of Cointa's mother (Feliciana Valdez de Larragoite).

The Church record of their marriage reads:

1873. En la Iglesia de San Juan a las nueve de Enero despues de la diligencias echas dispensa de consanguinidad igual a tercero grado junté en matrimonio a José Benito Garcia de la Jolla soltero hijo legt de Pedro Garcia defto y Teodora Valdez. Con Maria Cointa Larragoite soltera hija legt de Benito Anselmo Larragoiti y de Feliciana Valdez. Padr Luis Garcia y Maria … Valdez. (LDS microfilm 0016979 Marriages San Juan Church 1857-)

His father was Pedro Garcia (son of Juan Antonio Garcia and Albina Lusero) and his mother Teodora Valdes (the daughter of Juan Domingo Valdes and Maria de la Ascencion Garcia de Noriega). Pedro was born on March 11, 1852 and baptized at San Juan de los Caballeros on March 21, 1852 (FHL, tape 016976). San Juan church records have dates for Garcia line. According to New Mexico Marriages in San Juan Pueblo 1831-1855, p. 37, on August 25, 1845 José Benito's father, Pedro Garcia, married Teodora Valdes, both of La Jolla (frame 514). According to the 1850 census for Rio Arriba County p. 188A , lines 9-10, in June of that year Pedro Garcia, born about 1820 was a herder married to Teodora. From the censuses of 1860 (Rio Arriba, pct 2, p. 132, line 37); 1870 (La Joya Pct 2, p. 14, line 2); and 1880 (Rio Arriba ED 25, La Joya, p. 19, line 1) Teodora was born in about 1828 and died after 1880. The 1860 census has her as a farmer in Rio Arriba. Three children are found

1. Nicanor Garcia, born about 1848, married Leonor before 1879.

2. Maria Garcia

3. José Benito

According to the Census of June 1880, José Benito was Justice of the Peace.

Children of Cointa and José Benito

The family appears on the 1870 Census for La Joya Precinct 2, p. 14, ln. 14 and Precinct 2 p. 132, line 39, and on the 1880 Census ED 25, La Joya, p. 19, line 5.

Pedro Antonio, born December 12, 1875 in San Juan, Rio Arriba, Co., NM., baptized January 2, 1876. According the San Juan Church records, p. 45, Pedro was 22 days old at his baptism. The June 1880 Census shows his age as 11. LDS microfilm 016989 has a Pedro Antonio Garcia married to Adelina Cordova on February 27, 1911 in San Juan Church. The Church record of their marriage reads: En la Iglesia de San Juan, a los veinte y siete de Febrero, despues de la diligencias ordinarios y dispensadas unas banas, casé y velé a Pedro Antonio Garcia de la Joya, soltero, hijo legitimo de José Benito Garcia y de Cointa Larragoiti, difunta, con Adelina Cordova, de Chamela, soltera hija legitma de José Ezequial Cordova y de Apolonia Lucero. Testigos: José L; Lucero y Bersabé V. Lucero (LDS microfilm 0016979 Marriages San Juan Church 1857-). Rosie Armijo's immense family tree for the Larragoite family has information on the descendents of Pedro Antonio and his wife. They had seven children: Pablo, 1901; Lina, 1903; Anna M., 1905; Pedro Antonio Jr;, 1907; Leonardo, 1910; Antonio 1912, Domingo, 1921. She then follows Pedro Antonio Jr.'s line.

Maria Emilia, born February 11, 1878 in San Juan and baptized March 6, 1878. According the San Juan Church records, p. 73, she was 25 days old at her baptism. On January 18, 1896, she married Jeronimo Isac Martinez at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Conejos, Colorado. The record reads: Hoy dia 15 de Enero de 1896 despues de las tres publicaciones y hechas la diligencia necesarias presencié el matrimonio de Jeronimo Isac Martinez soltero de los Pinos y hijo legt de Manuel Martinez y Gregoria Jaramillo con Maria Emilia Garcia soltera de los Pinos y Hija Lega de José Benito Garcia y Cointa Larragoita ya difunta. Testigos: Luis Romero y Delubina Casilla. P. Tomassina, S.J.

According to the California Death Index, Emilia G. Martinez, born in New Mexico on February 2, 1878, whose mother's maiden name was Larragoite, died in Los Angeles County on February 9, 1962 at the age of 84 years.

Emilia had at least three children: Mike, Connie and Marina. Connie 'went crazy' at some point and was put in a special facility in Camarillo in California. Marina married a Mr. Anderson who divorced her. Their daughter was the movie star Luana Margo Anders (May 12, 1938-1996). She died of breast cancer.

Emilia's great niece, Adelina remembers her mother's Aunt Emilia as being the original eccentric bag lady who went around the Santa Fe Plaza carrying a carpet bag. A friend of Luana describes her grandmother Emilia as "a proud square jawed woman who used to use the soapbox corner in downtown LA to pontificate from time to time." He writes: "She used to stand on a soapbox and preach - not sure about what, but Luana remembered stories of her being downtown (I think LA, Pershing Square) and she'd go to speaker's corner in those days, and get up on a soapbox and lecture. About what, I don't know. From the pictures I have of Emilia, she wasn't frail in spirit. A little loco, or let's just say women of her era weren't supposed to speak out about anything and she was chastised for it. Marina's brother Mike was a chef in LA, I knew him, he died in the 90's, Luana helped him move into an old folks home. Used to pinch the nurses. She also had an aunt Connie who was crazy, not sure the relation, but Connie was sent to Camarillo where they had an asylum. 'Crazy aunt Connie' was a refrain I heard." Of Luana, he writes that "Marina was married to an Anderson, his name escapes me. He went off to fight in WWII, when he came back, he divorced Marina, remarried and had another family, who oddly enough, never got in touch with her. Shame. Luana really no contact with them over the years. She was a lone star when I met here - blazing her own trail - but I was able to introduce the concept of family into her life, the connections and ties that play themselves out over many years - and we did a little bit of tracking down stuff later on. Luana was a really great pal, and pretty much I continue lighting her flame on a daily basis. She was a wonderful loyal friend, a truly divine spirit, a terrific actress and I can't say enough about her influence on people. I'm in the process of getting one of her scripts financed and made into a film. Luana was a deep philosopher in many ways. She introduced me to Buddhism, which has led me to Tibet and other places, as well as contacting her from the great beyond through a couple of reputable psychics (I put a pic of me and her on my fridge and said aloud "that's the essence of our relationship" - referring to us laughing over cappuccinos in Rome - then lately when I spoke to James V. Praagh he said "she tells me there's a photo on your refrigerator that is 'the essence of your relationship.' -- so... what does that tell you? I speak to her sometimes, I'm sure she appreciates the thought. On her deathbed I asked her where she wanted me to scatter her ashes and she said: 'everywhere you go'. So, I've been around the planet a few times, and so has she - even in Paris, near Notre Dame. The gal gets around. Luana's bday was may 12, and methinks she inspired you to write me."

Juan (1/2 year old in 1880)

Elena, born 1880, baptized April 4, 1880

Catalina, born November 26, 1881, San Juan, baptized December 12, 1881. Catalina was 18 days old at her baptism. Microfilm E45194 016976 San Juan Church Records, Rio Arriba County. Catalina married Alfredo Delgado. She died in 1915.

A picture of Catalina owned by her daughter Margaret Mary Delgado y Garcia de Noriega de Ortiz.

According to LDS microfilm no. 001690 for San Juan de los Caballeros Cointa was buried on April 19, 1884 and her surviving spouse was José Benito Garcia. Margaret Delgado de Ortiz always said that Cointa, her grandmother, died at the age of twenty. This is impossible given the birth dates of her children.

On September 29, 1885, José Benito married Maria del Refugio Casillas at Saint Augustine Catholic Church, Antonito, Conejos Colorado. The Record reads: José Benito Garcia con Ma. del Refugio Casillas, Pinos. Hoy dia veinte y nueve de Setiembre despues de las ??? y hechas las diligencias necessarias presenc la casamiento de José Benito Garcia de la Joya N.M. viudo de Ma Juana Perez (???) et hijo legitimo de Pedro Garcia y Ma Teodora Valdes difuntos con Ma del Refugio Casillas de los Pinos, viuda del difunto Juan Romero? y ??? con Ma Guadalupe Martinez. Testigos Juan Martinez y Onofre Martinez.