"Rancho Pancho" is dedicated to

Paul Milford Hill


Picture of Paul on the road to Rancho Pancho

In April 1988, Paul wrote some memories of Rancho Pancho: "When I was just a little boy, ages 5-9 (1969-1973) I visited and lived on the ranch a short period of time. I used to have a special friend named Jimmy the Crow who I used to hang around with.

Paul and Jimmy the Crow

He would watch me play with my rock people, which were rocks I pretended were people. Also the McCarthy's were my friends for many years and still are today. I explored the ranch and spiced berries with the McCarthys. I loved to climb Mt. Peña. I was surprised to discover it took me 4 hours on one occasion. Me and family members climbed the surrounding hills, slid down the slides of the white sands. With uncle Bobby and his family we had cookouts at the Ojito (pronounced Oh-Hee-Toe). With Mom and beloved Gee Gee (Frank V. Ortiz Sr.) we weeded the crops and irrigated them. I used to ride in Gee Gee's old truck to the ranch and help him with his chores. It amazed me the endurance he had to continue the work on the ranch."