Don Felipe S. Delgado 1829-1895
Photograph thanks to Bernadett Charley Gallegos, his great great granddaughter

Cleofas Jaramillo Tells of Visit to Felipe S.

In Romance of a Little Village Girl (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2000 (1955)) Cleofas Jaramillo writes: "The big, attractive, old-style homes were still well-kept, with their long, deep-walled, cool salas de recibo, and placitas surrounded with neat whitewashed porches. One of these most attractive homes was... Don Felipe Delgado's home, on the corner of Burro Alley and San Francisco Street, where the Lensic Theater now stands. My cousin Lola (this would be a daughter of Felipe B., who married Lucia Ortiz, the daughter of Don Gaspar Ortiz who was the uncle of Cleofas) took me on a visit to her Uncle Don Felipe's house. He was sitting reading in the sala when he saw us at the door. He quickly rose and came forward to meet us. A true type of the fine Spanish gentleman he was. His fair complexion was almost as white as his hair and his long, white beard. They were all accentuated by the spotless black Prince Albert suit he wore. The king of Spain had conferred on his father (really his grandfather), Don Manuel Delgado, the rank of Captain of the Provincial Spanish New Mexico Army. Only a fine gentleman like him would trouble himself in entertaining a mere fifteen-year-old girl. He showed me his family photographs and then took us across the placita, surrounded by spotless white porches, to the graden. The charm of the city was enhanced by its hospitality" (p. 50).