Fernando Delgado y Baca and Trinidad Cabeza de Baca
Picture Courtesy of Bernadett Charley Gallegos, his great great grandniece

José Manuel Fernando Delgado was born in 1826. (He is not to be confused with his brother Fernando Candido who was born in 1824 and died just before this Fernando's birth in 1826.) He married Trinidad Cabeza de Baca born in 1833, the daughter of Juan Antonio Cabeza de Baca and Josefa Gallegos y Chavez. He died June 23, 1875. She died September 12, 1917 at age 84.

The 1860 census lists him as a 33 year old merchant with real estate assets of 1000 dollars; a personal estate of 5000 dollars and total assets of 6000 dollars. The 1870 census lists him as a 44 year old retail merchant with real estate assets of 10,000 dollars and a personal estate of 2000 dollars, total assets 1200 dollars (Boyle p. 133; 146).

The 1870 census lists him as a 44 year old retail merchant. His real estate is valued at 10,000 dollars and his personal property is valued at 2,000 dollars. Trinidad is listed as 34 and born in New Mexico. The children are listed as: Manuela 34; José 16; Mercedes 13; Francisco 12; Agripina 10; Centanio 8; Agustine 4; Fernando 2.

Don Fernando built a ranch home on what is now Delgado street and the property extended to the Santa Fe river on the north, to Palace avenue east and to Canyon road west. It was call El Ranchito. Their children:

Manuela, born November 11, 1852, married Manuel Salazar, February 7, 1879, children: Pedro, Alfonzo, Anita, Joaquin.

José Leandro, born March 13, 1854, married Margarita Tompkins on September 2, 1883, children: Henrique, Maria de Dolores, Benjamin Eloi, José Ricardo, Francisca Margarita.

Maria Ularia Mercedes, born December 14, 1855, did not marry.

Francisco Hervlone, born November 7, 1857 and married Efren Sena. Their children were: Gilberto; Aniseta; Maria Trinidad; Maria del Rosario; Miguel Manuel; Efren Genoveva; Maria Nicolasa; Pablo Francisco; Maria Rita Juana Bernardina. According to his death certificate he died at 503 Canyon Road on February 23, 1936 at 6 am at the age of 78 years. His trade is listed as "Art Craft (Tin)" and he had worked in his own shop for 15 years. He had been born in Santa Fe to Fernando Delgado, born in Santa Fe and Trinidad C de Baca, born in Peña Blanca. He was buried in Rosario Cemetery on February 25, 1936.

I have a death certificate for their daughter Mary, who died on February 19, 1932 at South Pacific St in Las Vegas. She is given as female, white and married to Joe Delgado. Her date of birth is about 1896. She was about 36 years old and housewife who worked in the home until the year of her death. The total time spent in this occupation was given as "married life". Her father was given as Frank Delgado of Santa Fe and her mother as Efren Sena of San Miguel. The informant was Mrs E F Baca of Las Vegas. The cause of death was puerperal eclampsia, a form of toxemia associated with pregnancy and childbirth, characterized by convulsions.

Agripina, b. June 23, 1860. She married Francisco Gonzalez y Baca on Feb. 5, 1876. Their children were José Nazario, Manuela, Torivio Leopoldo, Maria Cornelia, Federico Roman, Maria del Rosario, Juana. Her gravestone in Rosario Cemetery reads Agripina Delgado de Gonzales 1860-1919.

Antonio Albino, b. May 10, 1862, married Teodora Quintana. He died November 6, 1936. This family was thoroughly researched by Connie Gooch, who wrote "A Family to be Proud of, My Delgado-Quintana Lineage".

Genoveva del Carmen, January 31, 1864- August 5, 1865.

Agustin Amado, born May 5, 1866. According to his death certificate, he died at his home at 205 N. Gonzales St in Las Vegas, NM. He was born on May 4, 1866. He married Manuela Romero Delgado. He died on May 27, 1927 at the age of 61 years 23 days of paralysis. he was a 61 years and 23 days old retired invalid born in Santa Fe to Fernando Delgado, born in Santa Fe and Trinidad C de Baca, born in Peña Blanca. The informant was J. G. Romero. Their children were Hilario Amado, Guadalupe, Cristobal, Maria.

Fernando, May 31, 1868, married Francisca Ortiz on Dec. 22, 1890. Children Maria Melenda, Maria Refugio de la Concepcion. Tombstone Rosario Cemetery reads Fernando May 30, 1868-Jun 11, 1897.

Manuel Eduardo, October 13, 1870- November 21, 1959. Married Anastacia Garcia 1868-1928 on January 13, 1895. Children: Gilberto Francisco, b. 1895; Eugenio 1897-1919; Maria Dolores Lucia, 1899-1964; Andres Abelino Gilberto, 1901; Fernando 1907-1955; I have death certificates for Anastacia and Eugenio. According to Anastasia's death certificate she died in her home at 403 Canyon St in Santa Fe on April 24, 1928. She was a 60 year housewife born in April 1868 in Santa Fe to Ramon Garcia of Santa Fe and Dolores Y. Varra. Her husband was Manuel Delgado and she was buried in Rosario Cemetery. Eugenio, of Canon Road, drowned on July 27, 1919 in Box Canyon, near Santa Fe. He was in the tire business. He was buried in Rosario Cemetery on July 3, 1919.

Maria Elena del Carmen, b. April 25, 1875. She married Hilario Baca on April 4, 1894.

Ines, d. June 13, 1886, adopted by Trinidad.

Fernando's will filed June 26, 1874 names him as José Manuel Fernando Delgado, resident of the City of Santa Fe, legitimate son of Manuel Delgado and Maria de la Luz Baca. He says that he is sick in bed. He declares that he married Trinidad C. De Baca and names 6 sons and 5 daughters, giving the birth dates. The will reads: "In the name of God, All Powerful…. I, Jose Manuel Fernando Delgado, resident of the city of Santa Fe in the County of Santa Fe and Territory of New Mexico, legitimate son of the legitimate marriage of Don Manuel Delgado and of Dona Maria de la Luz Baca, deceased who were of the city of Santa Fe, being sick in bed of the infirmity that God our Lord has sent to me, but of sound mind and memory… make and order his will in the following form: Declarations. I declare to have been married with the rights of our Mother Church by the Reverend José de Jesus Cabeza de Baca, who was of the Plaza of Peña Blanca, county of Santa Ana and Territory of New Mexico, of which marriage we have had eleven children, six boys, to-wit: 1. José L. Delgado, born the 13th day of March, 1854; 2. Francisco E. Delgado, born the 7th day of November, 1857; Antonio A. Delgado, born the 10th day of May, 1862; Agustin A. Delgado, born the 5th day of May, 1866; Fernando Delgado, born the 31st day of May, 1868; Manuel E. Delgado, born the 13th day of October, 1870; Five girls, to-wit: Manuela M. Delgado, first daughter, born the 11th day of November, 1852; 2. Mercedes E. Delgado, born the 14th day of December, 1855; 3. Agripina Delgado, born the 23rd day of June, 1860; Genoveba del Carmen Delgado, born the 31st day of January, 1864 and died the 5th of August, 1865; 5. Maria Elena del Carmen, born the 25th day of April 1875… wife Da. Trinidad C. de Baca….

In his "A Genealogy Record of the Cabeza de Baca Family of New Mexico" (p. 78), George Cabeza de Baca has these notes for Padre José de Jesus C' de Baca, the priest who married Fernando: As a newly ordained priest in 1845, Fr Jose was assigned to Peña Blanca and served in the private chapel built by Francisco Tomas C' de Baca specifically for Fr José. Shortly after that he served as the pastor at Tome, NM where he got caught up in the famous (or infamous) schism in the church of New Mexico. During this time of transition from Mexican rule to United States rule, a Padre Nicolas Valencia and a Padre Benigno Cardenas instigated much trouble and confusion between Bishop Zubiria of Durango, Mexico and Bishop Lamy, newly appointed bishop of Santa Fe. This turbulence resulted in Padre Cardenas ousting Padre Cabeza de Baca from his parish in Tome in 1849. After a short period, Vicar Ortiz restored Padre Cabeza de Baca to his rightful Parish. Towards the end of March 1853, Padre Cabeza de Baca, fed up with a church regime that had been thrown into chaos by the disobedient priests, left for Mexico with fifty families and established the town of La Asuncion in the state of Chihuahua. He died in La Cuesta NM, today known as Villanueva, at the home of Francisquito C' de Baca, a nephew whom he raised."

Fernando died June 23, 1875. His tombstone at Rosario Cemetery reads 1826-1875.

Here is an obituary for his son Fernando:

Services over the Remains of Fernando Delgado at the Cathedral This Morning

 The funeral of Fernando Delgado took place at 9 o'clock this morning. The remains were taken from the residence of his mother to the cathedral where high mass for the dead was celebrated by the vicar-general, after which, accompanied by a large procession, the remains were taken to the Rosario cemetery and laid to rest by the side of his father, the late Fernando Delgado. The deceased was a member of tow of the most distinguished Spanish families of this territory. The Delgados have ever been recognized and respected among the most worthy people. His mother Doña Trinidad C. de Baca de Delgado, is a sister of the late Tomas C. de Baca, and a lineal descendent of the family of that name. Fernando was married some years ago to Miss Luz Ortiz, daughter of Hon. Antonio Ortiz y Salazar, and leaves two lovely little girls. Deceased was 29 years of age, a native of Santa Fe, a model husband and a good citizen, and admired and respected by the entire community.

An article that appeared in the Santa Fe Scene of August 27, 1960 tells of Fernando M. Delgado, the Captain General Don Diego De Vargas of the 1960 Fiesta.

It says that Fernando Manuel Delgado was born at the ranch of Don José Narciso Epigmenio Quintana and Doña Emiliana Cordova (daughter of Doña Geronima Montoya and Don José Vicente Cordova), his maternal grandparents, outside of Abiquiu on January 14, 1914 and the he was the youngest of four sons in a family of eight (among his brothers and sisters Eduardo, Margarita, Lugarda, Epigmenio, Luis). His parents were Fernando Delgado and Margarita Quintana, who were married in 1903. The family home at the time was 229 Delgado St in Santa Fe. During World War I, the family moved to a ranch in Abiquiu, then to El Rito. After the war, they moved to Española. In 1922, his father and grandfather, Don Francisco, both being graduates of St. Michael's in Santa Fe, he was sent to live with Don Francisco in order to attend school there. The article describes Don Francisco as a very strict disciplinarian; a well loved and respected man". In 1937,shortly after his father passed away, Fernando brought his mother and little sister to Santa Fe . In 1940 Fernando married Stella Sanchez of Santa Fe. They had a daughter Yolanda.

Fernando's mother, who died in Española not long before this article was published, was a direct descendent of Don Miguel Felipe Quintana and Don José Francisco Vigil, famous Indian fighters who were ambushed and killed by Utes in 1844. His grandfather, Don Francisco Delgado held numerous public offices, among them Chief Clerk of the Court of Private Land Claims, Registrar of the U. S. Land Office under the Wilson administration. During the last years of his life he worked to restore Spanish Colonial type tin articles in his Spanish Crafts Shop at the corner of Delgado St. and Canyon Rd.

Don Francisco Delgado, was the oldest son of Don Fernando Delgado (the main subject of this web page) one of the early merchants to travel the Santa Fe Trail to St. Louis. His place of business was the plaza, where the First National Bank stands.

An uncle of that Don Fernando, Don Fernando, the son of Manuel Francisco Delgado, who was the "Alferez" of the Santa Fe First Militia Co. From 1815-21.