Francisco Ortiz y Romero and Alcaria Barbero de Ortiz
Frank V. Ortiz Sr. was born into the home of Francisco Ortiz and Alcaria Barbero on November 26, 1897.

Baby Frank

José Francisco Ortiz, the son of José Eldifonso Ortiz, known as Alfonso. Francisco was born on January 18, 1848. Alfonso had a mill and used to grind meal and corn. He had about 20 acres of land, an orchard. See the Ortiz Family Genealogy for more his background.

Alcaria Barbero was born on March 10, 1858. Her father was Pablo Barbero (Rodriguez) and her mother Cruz Valencia who was born in 1820 in Santa Fe and died December 28, 1901 in Santa Fe. However, her baptismal record, given on the page of this site devoted to her, indicates that they were her aunt and uncle and that her parents were Ramon Valencia and Martiana Ortega, whose mother was Francisca Ortiz, the sister of Alfonso. Matiana Ortega Balencia is buried in Rosario Cemetery, sect. 194. According to her tombstone she died January 1, 1908 at the age of 68.


Alcaria mothered Sofio (1883-1966), Antonia, November 9, 1887-February 5, 1979; Lourdes June 1893-March 1957; Francisco 1879-1880, Pedro 1877-1880, Luisito 1879-1880. Francisco (Frank) was born in Santa Fe on November 26, 1897 and died there on December 1, 1992. Pedro, Luisito and Francisco died in a smallpox epidemic as children.

I have these baptismal records:

Manuel, baptized in May 1874, godparents Ramon Valencia and Martiana Ortega.

Juan Pedro, baptized in February 1877, born three days earlier, godparents Francisco Ildefonso Ortiz and Juana Maria Romero.

Sofio, baptized September 30, 1883 at the age of six days, godparents Pablo Borrego and Beatriz Eaton?

Antonia, baptized November 18, 1887 at the age of nine days, godparents José ??? and Mercedes Barbero.

The 1870 census shows the young Francisco working as a gardener for Archbishop Lamy.

The 1880 census shows José I. Ortiz, a 71 year old agricultural laborer living with his 49 year old wife Juana M., who is keeping house. Their son Teofilo, 14, is living with them as well as a 24 year old niece, Maria V. Valdez, who is a servant.

Next door are Francisco Ortiz, a 28 year old laborer and his 23 year old wife Alcaria. They are two children, Pedro 4 and Luis 1.

According to a warranty deed filed in the Santa Fe County Court House, on April 26, 1884 A.D., Juana Maria Romero de Ortiz, resident of the city and County of Santa Fe of the Territory of Nuevo Mejico, sold Francisco Ortiz and Alcaria Barbero de Ortiz, of the city and County of Santa Fe of the Territory of Nuevo Mejico a house and property in Cerro Gordo for the sum of "Cincuenta ($50.00) pesos, dinero legal de los Estados Unidos a ella en mano pagados".

The 1900 Census shows Francisco, Alcaria, Sofio, Antonia, Lourdes and Frank living in Santa Fe. Francisco is listed as a store keeper. Cruz Valencia is listed immediately after them.

The 1920 Census shows Francisco O. Romero and Alcaria V. Romero living on Delgado St with John, 38, and Tonita Callahan, his 31 year old wife and Salomon, their 12 year old son. John is listed as a butcher in a butcher shop , whose father was born in Ireland and whose mother was born in New Mexico. Francisco, 65, is listed as John's father in law and a gardener in a private family. Alcaria, 54, is listed as John's mother in law.

Francisco died at 2 am on May 8, 1931. According to his death certificate Francisco Ortiz y Romero died at his residence at 119 1/2 Delgado St. of myocardial failure, contributory cause arteriosclerosis. He was 85 years and 11 months of age, male, white and married. His wife was Alcaria B. de Ortiz. He was born in June 1845 in Santa Fe to José Ortiz, born in Santa Fe, and Juana Maria Romero, born in Santa Fe. He was retired and had worked as a common laborer for fifty years, until August 1927 (meaning to the age of 82!). He was buried in Rosario Cemetery on May 10, 1931. The informant was Mrs. Lourdes Howland, his daughter.

Sofio Ortiz was born on September 1, 1883 in Santa Fe and died November 17, 1966 in Capulin, CO. He married Rufina Rivera, born July 1, 1891 in Cuyamunge NM and October 4, 1967 in Capulin. Their children were Helen (married Juan V. Garcia), Alfonso, Maria Angelica (Sister Juanita), Roberto, Estella, Francisco, Maria Corina (married William K. Gibson), Viola (married Joe E. Maestas), Andres, Fedelina, Veronica. I have a bunch of their descendents, but don't have the courage to do it now.

Antonia married Juan Callahan (see the special page devoted to them), the son of Cornelius and Guadalupe Callahan. John and Ellen Callahan moved to America from Ireland in 1850 and settled in Niles,Michigan (the railroad was the big attraction). They had four children Cornelius, Michael, John and Johanna. Cornelius went to New Mexico around 1884 and the rest of the family returned to Syracuse, NY (except for John who died somewhere between 1858 and 1860; little is known about where he is buried). Cornelius settled in Albuquerque and had at least 10 children that we know of. He married Guadalupe Lucero. It is understood that she spoke only Spanish and he spoke only English, but they made it work. John (Juan) was the oldest. He was baptized in St Francis Parish is Santa Fe on November 1, 1883 and born on October 29. His godparents were José Carlos Lucero and Maria Josefa Sena. His family name is spelled Callaghan. He became Vice President of the Western Meat Co. in Albuquerque where he was in business with his brothers Cornelio and Augustin and perhaps Eugene. The Western Meat Co. had 3 locations, two of which the family lived at the same address. 1251 8th St and 1238 8th St.

Lourdes married Juan Howland. Children are Lourdes, Josina (married Max Trujillo), John, Jeannette, Consuelo. Lourdes Ortiz Howland is buried in National Cemetery. The dates on her gravestone are June 12, 1893-March 1, 1957.

Frank V. Ortiz married Margaret Delgado on June 16, 1924. They had three children:

Frank V. Ortiz Jr., born March 14, 1926 in Santa Fe. He married Dolores Duke, daughter of General James Thomas Duke and his wife Guadalupe. Their children are Christina Elissa Tsehai; Francis Vincent de Paul; Stephen Hernan; and James Thomas.

Adelina Alcaria Ortiz, born February 7, 1929 in Santa Fe. She married Milford Hill, son of Herbert Hill and Lorena Geneva Nichols. Their children are Claire Retta Marie; Felice Veronica Ann; Michael Vincent; Christopher; Martin David; Eugene Emerson; and Paul Milford.

Alfred Clifford Ortiz born September 22, 1930 in Santa Fe. He married Ruth Seligman, daughter of Jake and Adela Seligman. Their children are Olivia Lucia; Margaret Adele (Mardell); David (Buddy); Arthur (Arty); Teresa; Alfred (Dino). His children by his second wife, Virginia Garcia are Carla, Alicia, and Yvonne.

See the Portrait of the Ortiz Family in 1955.