America! Don't You know Me? I'm Your Native Son: Geronimo The Controversial Campaign to Repatriate the Remains of America's Most Famous Warrior to His Homeland
by Carlos Melendrez

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Geronimo, the terrorist, the red devil, occult leader of savages, akin to bin Laden, or freedom fighter? These are the dissonant images ascribed to Geronimo in our conflicted national psyche. Geronimo, the name paratroopers shouted as they jumped while training for warfare. Geronimo, who would call on the gods to delay the onset of daylight, assuring stealth and health for those under his care. Geronimo, who bedeviled armies, who effectively resisted conquest, was, and remains, a devil to some, an enigma to many, and a beacon to others. Many of the books written about Geronimo, describe his mythological capacity to elude and escape capture. He has been depicted as having supernatural powers that protected him from harm. He has also been described as a cruel, obsessed warrior and leader of savages who preyed on innocent settlers. Geronimo, also serves as a powerful symbol that allows us to justify a history of demonization of Native Americans, as savage, backward, human beings, culturally responsible for their own fate and circumstance. This book is an attempt to view the man and his exploits in a broader context of understanding, and understanding his continuing impact on world affairs. “For several years there have been persistent rumors that Prescott Bush, President George Bush’s grandfather desecrated Geronimo’s tomb. He allegedly broke into Geronimo’s grave, stole his skull and other artifacts and took them to the Skull and Bones Headquarters at Yale, where he was a member of Skull & Bones, as were President George Herbert Walker Bush and his son President G.W. Bush. New evidence uncovered in 2006 by Yale researcher Marc Wortman, lends even more credence to, and continues to amplify those rumors.”....Our culture and country were born of rebellion, we honor the rebel, we even embrace the rebel without a cause. This then is the story of America. This is the story of a rebel with a cause. The cause is what this story is about! America don’t you know me; I’m your native son.”