John Green Hill (1804-1875) and first wife Dicey Martin

John Green Hill was born November 21, 1804 in Williamson Co, TN. He married Dicey Martin on Dec. 4, 1823. She was the daughter of John Martin and wife, Elizabeth Norman. Elizabeth was the daughter of David Norman and Martha Story, of Cross Keys, in Union County, S.C.

An entry in the Lauderdale County, Alabama Marriage, Cemetery and Family Records, 1820-1857, typed and indexed by Mrs. W.E. Mc Clain, Jr. (Lauderdale County, Alabama is adjacent to Wayne County, Tennessee), Book I, 1820-1825 reads: Dec. 4, 1823 (or 1824?) Hill, John G. to Dicey Martin (page 108)

Marty found other records from other compilations that say: Dec. 4, 1823 John G. Hill to Dely Martin. Solemnized by W. Davis, 1823. (page 103); and Dec 20, 1823 Hill, John G. to Martin, Dolly. (page 103). Marty guesses that the records were hard to read.

John Green's and Dicey Martin's children were

i. William H. born January 17, 1826 in TN. He married Elizabeth born December 27, 1845;

ii. Mary Ann, born January 15, 1828; (Polly Ann)

iii. A. N., born June 1, 1829; (Alexander)

iv. Vashte O. Hill born Feb. 5, 183?.

According to Lauderdale County, AL court records (Marty has copies of these from a typed transcription, the question marks and underlines are from the transcriptionist), in chronological order:

From the section for 1850, page 12, undated: Estate of John Martin (Dicey's father) Division.

David N. Martin, George Martindale and wife Nancy, James Warren and wife Martha, Robert Martin, Daniel Waters and wife Adeline, James Martin, John G. Martin. . shows $10.85 to each of these. William Hill, Polly Ann Hill, Alexander Hill and Dashti (sic) Hill the children of Dicy Hill, a daughter of said John Martin dec'd, by their guardian, each $2.71 Lautta ? Fielder, William D. Fielder, Thomas F. Fielder Robert B. Fielder, Nancy A. Fielder, Kisire (Keziah?) A. Fielder and Mary E. Fielder who are the children of Vashti Fielder, who was a daughter of John Martin, by their guardian $1.55 each.

From the 1830 census in Wayne County TN, the Hills were:

John G. Hill (p. 307 of census)

household males: 2 children 0-4; 1 child 5-9; 1 child 10-14; and 2 adults 20-29.

household females: 1 child 5-9; and 2 adults 20-29.

The Thomas who followed him to Wayne County, IL may have been the male child 10-14 in his household.

Other Hill households in Wayne County, TN in 1830:

Joshua (p. 306)

Thomas (p. 299)

Obedience (p. 301)

Thomas (p. 293)

Joshua (p. 297)

According to a note from Book BB, p. 590 Tennessee land grants. John Hill granted 1/30/1826, #24595, 3 acres, Wayne County. Marty has a whole long list of land grants to people named Hill from 1786 to 1826.

John Green Hill and second wife Susannah Hodges

They married on August 27, 1831 in Lauderdale Co. AL. She was born in June 14, 1812 in Alabama and died July 23, 1881. She joined the ME Church in 1835. He died January 1, 1875 in Wayne Co. IL. This is Herbert Hill's line.

Records obtained from Lauderdale County, Alabama Marriage, Cemetery and Family Records, 1820-1857 Typed and Indexed by Mrs. W.E. Mc Clain, Jr. , Lauderdale County, Alabama is adjacent to Wayne County, Tennessee.

Book II, 1825-1833: Aug. 27, 1831 Hill, John G. to Susannah Hodges (page 191)

(Marty has 18 other Hill marriages from 1819-1852, and doesn't know how many are relevant. He also took notes on 8 Hodges (and 1 Hodge) marriages and 3 Martin marriages (and one marriage between Jane Hodges and Thomas Martin in 1821).

Censuses before 1850 only gave names for heads of household. Marty has only brief notes of question marks for the Hills in the 1840's census. He seems to recall that he couldn't find them.

John and Susannah's children were:

Martha M., born September 9, 1832 (this is probably his brother's child of whom he assumed guardianship)

Thomas M., born in April 2, 1834 in Wayne Co. TN

John Goodner, born in May 25, 1836 in Wayne C. TN. He married Elizabeth in 1841. There is information about their household below. A daughter, Minerva Florence, was born to them in November 1861 in Illinois. She married Augustus Wise Ames. She died September 12, 1938 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa.

James M., born December 25, 1838 in Wayne Co. TN. He married Malinda J. White who died February 9, 1876 in Cisne, Illinois. He moved to New Mexico where he married Lida L. Lasly, They were married in Socorro, NM on July 4, 1886 by John Curtin, Justice of the Peace. She died May 28, 1894. His children were Willard H. Hill, born November 7, 1867; John W. Hill, April 2, 1872; James M. Hill Jr. born June 25, 1890, Socorro NM. Willard went to New Mexico and was the legal guardian of James M. Hill Jr. upon his father's death on August 6, 1901 in Socorro, Socorro Co., NM. See the page devoted to his brother: Francis Marion

Henry C., born June 19, 1841 in Wayne Co. TN; died March 2, 1896 in Cisne, Wayne Co. IL. For more information see below.

Robert H., born August 4, 1843 in Wayne Co. TN; in July 1868, he married Sarah Milner born August 1, 1848 in IL. She died August 1, 1922. He died November 25, 1904 and is buried in Cisne Cemetery. Served in the Civil War.

David S., born October 1847 in Wayne Co. TN married Angenova J. born 1851.

Joshua B., born in 1851 in Wayne Co. IL

Artilda C., born in 1854 in Wayne Co. IL. Died August 1884.

Francis Marion born in May 1857 in Cisne, Wayne Co. IL. He was the founder of our Hill branch in New Mexico. He died in about 1919 in Socorro, NM.

Information found in the family Bible passed on by Deborah Soper:

John G. Hill and Dicy Martin were Married Dec. 4, 1823. (It is assumed she died.)

John G. Hill died Jan.1, 1875.

Susan Hill died July 23, 1881.

Artilda died Aug. 1884.

Robert H Hill died Nov. 25, 1904

Susan Hill joined M E Church 1835.

John G. Hill born Nov. 21, 1804

Susan Hodges born June 14, 1812 in Ala.

William H. Hill born Jan. 17, 1826.

Mary Ann Hill born Jan. 15, 1828.

A. N. Hill born June 1, 1829.

(Vashte) O. Hill born Feb. 5, 183?.

Martha M. Hill born Sept. 9, 1832.

Thos. M. Hill born Apr. 2, 1834.

John Goodner Hill born May 25, 1836.

Jas. M. Hill born Dec. 25, 1838.

Henry C. Hill born June 19, 1841.

Robert H. Hill born Aug. 4, 1843.

Harmon Milner born Apr. 24, 1814. Died Aug. 17, 1893.

Married Elizabeth Skelton July 5, 1835.

Elizabeth Skelton born Aug. 10, 1813. Died June 4, 1876.

John G. (GreenBerry?) Hills mother was Elizabeth Hodges.

Sarah Milner was born Aug. 1, 1848. Died Aug. 1, 1922. Married Robert H. Hill 1868.

Information from the 1830, 1840 and 1850 censuses of Wayne Co. TN and the 1860, 1870, and 1900 censuses of Wayne Co. IL. 1880 Phillups Co., KN

The Hill families moved from Wayne County, Tennessee to Wayne County, Illinois in the mid-1850s. Marty speculates that they might have been abolitionists. Several soon fought for the Union in the Civil War.

The 1850 Census for Wayne County, TN had both of these families:

(Both of these are from page 56 of that census)

John Hill 45 TN Farmer $600

Susannah 39 AL

Thomas 15 (all of these were marked with A but were probably not born in AL)

John G. 13

A.N. 21

James 11

Henry 9

Robert 7

David 2

Sarah Martin 12 AL

next door:

Thomas Hill 34

Virginia 29

Adelaide 7

Sarah 5

John 3

Mary 2/12

There were a pair of Mortons next door to these. Morton may have been a misspelling of Martin?

 The 1860 census of Wayne County, IL in 1860

Page 185 records these facts:

Age sex occupation Value of Estate property birthplace In school?

John G. Hill 56 M farmer 1600 800 TN

Susan 48 F AL

Henry C. 20 M TN

Robert 16 M TN Yes

David S. 12 M TN Yes

Joshua B. 9 M TN Yes

Artilda C. 6 F TN Yes

Francis M. 3 M TN

next door:

John G. Hill, Jr. 24 M farmer 150 TN

Elizabeth 19 F IL

Marty found a variety of miscellaneous small news items about the family from a book at the Smithsonian called: Gleanings from the Wayne County (IL) newspaper 1860-1875. He found information about Henry C. Hill from his Civil War file, pension claim no. 400.780. From it we learn that he married Sarah Simpson and then divorced her in 1878. He then married to Sarah Barrett on November 14, 1878 in Cisne, Illinois. They had three daughters: Katie Maud born August 23, 1881; Ethel Wilmoth, born March 16, 1888; Zelma Mabel, born September 16, 1890. At age 49 Henry C. was 5'10" and weighed 200 pounds. His pulse rate was 84 and his respiration was 20. The doctor said he had been a moderate alchoholic for years and probably still was. He complained of rheumatism of back and legs and disease of heart. He was receiving a pension of 8 dollars per month. He said that his disabilities were steadily increasing, especially his heart troubles. His rheumatism was gradually getting worse, especially in winter and he couldn't do any stooping over and heavy lifting. At times his legs cramped at night. Any active exercise or excitement caused palpitations in his heart and disabled him for a while. He had been a corporal in 111th regiment of Illinois Infantry volunteers. It was said that at the time of his enlistment in the service of the United States on April 21, 1862 he was an able-bodied, stout healthy man. About February 12, 1865 he detached for duty and foraging. He was crossing the swamps and back water of the Edisto River in South Carolina while in the line of duty supporting the pioneers in felling timber to make our crossing the river possible and skirmishing with the enemy. In the evening, while the men of the company were around log fires drying their clothing, the claimant was in the water suffering from cramping. In 1 to 4 feet deep water for 4 to 6 hours he suffered from the effects of exposure in the water. He was seized with cramps of the legs and back to such a degree that he had to be assisted out of the water. He served with him in the same company and regiment up June 7, 1865. From the time of his discharge, he complained about his back and legs. He suffered from a weakness of his back and legs and the tendons and muscles remained in a knotted and hardened condition from the effects of his exposure. From that time on he was disabled from manual labor. Extent of disability was estimated to be 2/3. He died of rheumatism of the back and legs and resulting disease of the heart. The doctor who attended him before his death said that he was his physician from 1876 to 1886 and consulted occasionally since that time. On January 27, 1896 he found him suffering from functional derangement of the heart. It was very tumultuous. There was hypertension but no dilatation. His condition improved slightly till on February 18 he found him suffering from hemiplegia of the right side superinduced by embolism lodging in the left side of the brain. He died on March 2, 1896 in Cisne, Illinois. He would have been 54 years old. His widow later married Thomas Perry.

The 1870 census from Wayne County, IL.

 (Page 8, Bedford Township) real estate value/personal

John G. Hill, Sr. 65 M TN farmer 4550/1290

Susan 58 F AL housekeeper

Joshua 18 M TN saw mill

Artilla 16 F IL

Francis M. 13 M IL

Charles H. 13 M IL

later on page 8:

David Hill 21 M TN farmer 600/325

Angenoa 17 F IL housekeeper

(Page 7)

John G. Hill 34 M TN miller 580/183

Elizabeth 29 F IL housekeeper

Minerva 8 F IL

William H. 5 M IL

Ebon C. 3 M IL

Felix 2/12 M IL (born May)

(Page 5)

Robert Hill 25 M TN note: m. July

Sarah 22 F IL

(Also page 5. Note eerie concordance with John G. on page 7.)

John Hill 30 M TN patent claim inventor 425/325

Elizabeth 25 F IL housekeeper

Manerva 8 F IL

Henry 5 M IL

Ebbon 3 M IL

Charles 1/12 M IL (Crossed out with note, no place in this census)

(Page not recorded)

James M. Hill 31 M TN farmer

Malinda J. 22 F OH housekeeper

Williard H. 3 M IL

Vera 9/12 F IL

(Page 31)

Thomas W. Hill 53 M TN farm 600/500

Virginia W. 46 F TN housekeeper

Basil 12 M IL

James O. 9 M IL

Laura M. 6 F IL

(Page 32)

Abner P. Hill 57 M TN

Amanda 61 F TN

(Also page 32)

Abner P. Hill 20 M IL

Sarah J. 19 F IL

William M. 1 M IL

 (Also page 32)

Francis M. Trotter 49 F and Margaret Trotter (female) 14. See below.

Marty has a note from the Wayne County Press: Married on Feb. 28 (1872) at the Jackson House, by J. R. Dales, J.P., Mr. John Hill and Miss Margaret S. Trotter. Later from Wayne County Press October 7, 1875: John Hill's child died in last two weeks.

By the 1880 census John G. Hill (born 1804) and wife Susannah were no more. Their son James M. Hill and his brother my ancestor Francis Marion Hill moved to New Mexico, where he married Sarah Rebecca Wilson and my grandfather Herbert Bradford Hill was born.

An interesting family in Wayne County, IL (a fairly unpopulated county) at that time, was that of Thomas W. Hill (born 1816, TN). Marty presumes that this was a brother of John G. Hill. One reason this family is interesting is that he could find a fair bit of information about them. Thomas W. was a Civil War veteran and applied for veteran's benefits, so there was that source. He also found where they retired and where they were buried (in Pleasant View Cemetery, Logan, KS). From those sources and a couple of others he put together this information.

Thomas W. Hill b. 10 Oct 1816, TN, d. 3 May 1897, Logan, KS.

m. Virginia W. Pryer b. 20 Aug 1820, VA, d. 28 Jan 1892, Logan KS.

(Married a second time in 1894 to Rachel S. Schweer (nee Fansler).


Adelaide b. 1843 Wayne County, TN.

Sarah C. b. 1845 Wayne County, TN.

John G. b. 25 Dec 1847 Wayne County, TN, d. July 26 1914, Logan KS. He married Amanda M. Shehorn on 14 Mar 1867 who was born 12 Apr 1846 and d. 18 May 1903 in Logan, KS. Marty obtained a copy of his death certificate. According to it his father was Thos. W. Hill born in Tenn. and Virginia Pryor, born in Virginia. He was a white, married, male farmer born December 25, 1847 in Tenn. He died of degeneration of the heart, hemiplegia being a contributory cause, at the age of 66 years, 7 months and 1 day in Logan, Philips County, Kansas;

Mary I. born 1850, Wayne County, TN.

Basil L. born 1858, Wayne County, IL, d. 17 Nov 1890 in Logan, KS. (Note: move to IL). Listed as married to Rosella from OH in 1880 KS census.

James Oscar b. 8 May 1861 Wayne County, IL, d. 29 Oct 1924 in Logan, KS.

Laura May b. 1864 Wayne County, IL. Married Christopher Lappin b. 1860, Wayne County, IL.

Other Hills of interest in Logan, KS on the same page as Thomas W.: from the 1880 census: James M. Hill age 41, born TN, father born TN, mother AL; David D (sic) Hill age 32 born TN, father born TN, mother TN. This is probably the James M. Hill who was later with Francis M. Hill in New Mexico.

Other Hills in 1850 Wayne County, TN:

(Page 58 of the census)

William H. Hill 24 TN

Elizabeth 24 TN

Mary 4 TN

Vasta 2 TN

(Page 23)

Thomas Hill 64 VA

Elizabeth 53 VA

Elizabeth 16 TN

Lucy 14 TN

T.M. (male) 12 TN

Moses Hill 28 KY

Sussannah (sic)22 unknown

William 1 TN

(Page 15:)

Robert A. Hill 39 NC lawyer

Marry A.L.G. 37 TN

Marrietta C. 6 TN