by Thomas James Hill of Grand Island, Nebraska

Sources: Census Records, obituaries, family Bible and Personal Knowledge

James Stadler Hill was born June18, 1832 near Germanton, NC. He was the son of Joel Hill (b.July 4,1780) and Mildred Golding (b.Dec. 29, 1794). Joel Hill was the son of Captain Robert Hill and Martha Halbert.

James Stadler graduated from the University of NC in 1858. The University Archives show that he was accorded Second Honors among the graduates and delivered "Josephine: A Poem" during commencement exercises. He received an M.A. degree from Trinity College in 1862.

James Stadler married Mary Lettitia Banner on May 29, 1860 in Mt. Airy, NC. Mary Lettitia was born Nov. 29, 1844, the daughter of Edwin H and Sarah P. Moore Banner. The couple made their home at Mt. Airy for several years. The NC "Report of Public Superintendents" shows that James Stadler served as principal of the Surry County Collegiate Institute in 1870. The Institute was located in Mt. Airy. He has been referred to as a professor of Latin and Greek. His obituary states that he taught in NC, TN, CA, and GA. James Stadler could play every musical instrument. He became a member of the Baptist faith while teaching in CA.

James Stadler's obituary states that as a young man he volunteered on the side of the Condederacy. He joined this unit as an enlisted man and family tradition has it that he served as a drummer. The name of this unit has not been identified thus far. After serving a few months, he was obliged to return home on account of ill health. He was a member of the Home Guard Militia for the remainder of the war. The Last Tar Heel Militia 1861-1865 (the book) lists James Stadler as a Major in the 73rd NC Regiment, 18th Brigade of Surry County, NC. One of James's Brothers was Lauriston Harden Hill from Germanton, NC. Lauriston served as Field Surgeon for the 53rd NC Regiment. The 53rd was in several battles including the Battle of Gettysburg.

The 1880 census shows that James Stadler and Mary Lettitia were living in Boone, NC. His is listed as a teacher in that Census. James Stadler and Mary Lettitia moved to Elk Park, NC prior to 1900; and that is where they lived out their lives. James Stadler died Nov. 22, 1919 and Mary Lettitia died October 25, 1921. Both are burried on the Hill in Elk Park, NC.

James Stadler and Mary Lettitia had ten children, as listed below. This information is taken from the Bible of James Stadler Hill with current updates.

Sarah Lettita Hill was born Apr. 26, 1861 at Mt. Airy, NC and died in an automobile accident in Caen, France on Aug. 4, 1925. She married Merrill D. Arnold at Canton, GA on Dec. 30, 1885. She had one son, Merrill D. Arnold Jr., born June 29, 1887, and departed this life on May 22, 1972. Merrill D. Arnold Jr. had two daughters: Frances Hill and Helen Whitney; and one son. James Ellis.

Edwin Halbert Hill was born Dec. 24, 1863 at Mt.Airy, NC and departed this life at Limon, Cost Rica on Jan. 10, 1898.James Herbert Hill was born Sept, 13, 1866 at Germanton, NC and departed this life at San Francisco, CA on July 2, 1888.

James Herbert Hill was born Sept. 13, 1866 at Germanton, NC, and departed this life at San Francisco, CA on July 2, 1888.

Mary Caroline Hill was born at Mt. Airy, NC on March 19, 1869 and departed this life on July 4, 1870.

Nannie Moore Hill was born at Mt Airy, NC on Dec. 26, 1870 and departed this life at Charleston, TN on July 15, 1952. She married Charles Palmer on June 30, 1896 at Butler, TN. She had one child that died shortly after birth.

Thomas Lauriston Hill was born at Boone, NC on Aug. 4, 1874 and departed this life on Feb. 22, 1951 at Knoxville, TN. Interment was in Gray Cemetery.

Elizabeth Florence Hill was born at Johnson City, TN on Feb. 16, 1877 and departed this life on May 10, 1956 with interment in the Elk Park, NC cemetery.

Mildred Cornelia Hill was born at Taylorsville, TN on Jan. 25, 1879, and departed this life at Elk Park, NC on June 8, 1903 with interment in Elk Park, NC cemetery. She married Laughlin F. McLaurin on Dec. 27, 1899 and had one child, James Leroy McLaurin, born on Dec. 8, 1901.

William Richard Hill was born at Boone, NC on April 10, 1881 and departed this life at Knoxville, TN on May 20, 1960 with interment at Greenwood Cemetery, Arnold Plot. He married Jennie Mae Korns on Aug. 9, 1906 and had two children: Mildred Ines born at Grand Junction, CO on May 8, 1908 and departed this life on May 9, 1977 and James Monroe Hill born at Johnson City, TN on Jan 13, 1911 and departed this life on Apr. 6, 1982. Mildred Ines had two children: JoAnn Elizabeth and Gloria Rae. James Monroe had three children: Rita Marie, Betty Jean and Thomas James. William Richard Hill was married a second time to Pearl Frances Buchanan in 1921 and had one daughter, Lettitia Elizabeth Nancy born at Paschall, NC on May 4, 1923. Lettitia Elizabeth departed this life Feb. 6, 2006 at Stone Mountain, GA. Lettitia had one son, Kenneth Julius.

Joel Frederick Hill was born at Banner Elk, NC on July 21, 1883 and departed this life on Mar. 15, 1930 at Birmingham, AL. Joel Frederick married Julia Gertrude Murphree in Birmingham, AL on Apr. 4, 1915. They had one son: Thomas Frederick Hill born July 3, 1916 and departed this life on June 29, 1981. Thomas Frederick had three children: Holly Anne, Julia Carol and Ellen Susanne.


An interesting Note: Lettitia Elizabeth Nancy (First Husband, Ken Navarre and second Husband Daniel Sofranic) Hill worked at Fort McPherson in Atlanta as her last post; with the Department of the Army, civillian branch. She worked on the staff with General Colin Powell while he was attached to Fort McPherson. She worked for many General Officers including those at the Pentagon.