Joseph Marcos Antonio Delgado and Guadalupe Valdez
Researched with the help of David Aragon and Eric Cedillo
Near Abiquiu, where Marcos lived
Lorenzo Otero and Marcolfa Delgado, granddaughter of Marcos and Guadalupe

Marcos' year of birth is most often given as 1785. This was while Manuel Francisco was posted in San Buenaventura.

I would say that this date is calculated from the listing of a five year old son for his father Manuel Francisco Delgado on the 1790 census of the presidio of Santa Fe. It also lists a one year old son, but a 1800 document signed by Marcos in which he refers to himself as a simple soldier of the Santa Fe Presidio makes it seem unlikely that he was so at the age of 11. I know of no baptismal record for him. In unpublished notes, Fabiola Cabeza de Baca de Gilbert writes that Marcos was born in 1789 and was the oldest son.

In a document in the New Mexico State Archives dated Chihuahua, September 1800. Joseph Marcos Delgado describes himself as being the son of the retired Captain Manuel Delgado and Josefa Garcia de Noriega and as being a simple solider of the presidio of New Mexico.

Marcos married Guadalupe Valdez and they made their home in Abiquiu. A document from the State Archives shows him as Interim Alcade in Abiquiu at one point. He was parish choir master in Abiquiu from 1813-1816. Both Marcos and Guadalupe are listed as deceased at the time of their son Emmanuel's marriage in 1856.

A reference to Marcos Delgado is found in Manuel Martinez's Ditch Dispute, Land Grants and Lawsuits in Northern New Mexico by Malcolm Ebright. Time period was about 1813-1816.

Marcos Delgado is listed as a Cantor. He described his occupation as parish choir master. Page 77, "The key questions that don Manuel (Martinez) wished Gallegos to ask Delgado were whether or not Martinez had asked Delgado to offer Judge Juan Rafael Ortiz two fat cows if he would decide in don Manuel's favor and, if so, the day, the hour, and place that this happened. He mentioned, incidentally, that Ortiz was a very dear friend of his opponent in that case, Mariano Martin. Mariano was the alferez for the Abiquiu militia and was also Ramon Martin's father."

The Abiquiu Baptisms Book 1754-1866 lists six children for Marcos and Guadalupe:

Maria Victoria, born July 29, 1807, baptized August 2, 1807. Her godparents were José Manuel Velarde and Maria Manuela Perea.
Manuel Faustin de Jesus, born February 13, 1809 in Blanca, baptized on February 15, 1809. Godparents Juan Domingo Valdes and Maria de la Luz Martin.
Jose Manuel Valentin born in Blanca, baptized on February 17, 1811.
Maria Juliana, born in Blanca and baptized on April 14,1822.
José Narciso, born in Plaza Rafael and baptized November 4, 1827.
José Manuel (Ismael) baptized June 20, 1835.

The Abiquiu Baptisms Book also gives illegitimate children of Maria Josefa Delgado as grandchildren of Marcos and Guadalupe, indicating that they had a daughter by that name too.

In addition, Fabiola Cabeza de Baca de Gilbert gives:

Maria de Jesus, born 1816 (LDS), who married Fernando Montaño. Fabiola calls her Jesucita, says she lived to be 100 years old, and believes she was born in 1829.
Marcos, who married Loreta Lucero and then Placida Sanchez y Otero.

Notice that there are three Manuels listed there. One gets confused with one of Manuel Salustiano's sons, who appears in censuses as living in their household in La Cienega. One ended up going by the name Ismael. There is more than one instance of censuses that inaccurately list people as sons or daughters of people of which they were not sons or daughters. There is more about the children below.

From his father's estate, Marcos received about a quarter of the family home in Santa Fe and one half of the rancho and house at Las Golondrinas, the other half of which went to his sister Manuela.

In my opinion, knowing the Delgado family, Marcos' presence in Abiquiu must have been explained by his involvement in trade with California over the Old Spanish Trail which originated in Abiquiu and went to Agua Mansa (Colton, California). The following information is from a February 2, 2002 "New Mexican Immigration to California: 1829-1860" by Donie Nelson. Though it does not mention the Delgados, it seems that they must have been involved.

According to the talk, after winning independence from Spain in 1820, Mexico experienced both political turmoil and economic boom and New Mexico benefited from both. Santa Fe, which benefited from traditional trade with Mexico, as well as increased trade with Americans from St. Louis, Missouri. At the end of the 1820's, New Mexico looked for new markets and California, with its established coastal trade, was irresistible. Goods from the Far East were available in California. And then there were the herds of California cattle and horses. In return, the New Mexican traders had wool and later, herds of sheep.

Antonio José Armijo was one of the most successful of the New Mexican traders. He charted the route to California from New Mexico that became known as the Old Spanish Trail by putting together a single trail from several trails used by Native Americans and others. This trail was between 3-5 feet wide and could be used for horses and mules, but was not wide enough for carretas or covered wagons. The Old Spanish Trail produced a flood of commerce from New Mexico.

In 1833, passports were required for trading between California and New Mexico and this became a strong motivating factor for some New Mexicans to become "citizens" of California. Among the early New Mexicans to settle in California were Armijo who married into the Ybarra family; the Chavez family. In the late 1830's and 1840's turmoil in New Mexico caused by Governor Armijo's increasing fear of an invasion from Texas interfered with trade. In August 1841 the Rowland-Workman Party left Abiquiu, New Mexico for California with a number of travelers. Joining Rowland and Workman were Bacas, Penas, and Salazars from La Cienega, New Mexico, who were connected both through marriage and trading interests. They arrived in November 1841.

During the 1840's California experienced its first spurt of land speculation. In 1842 and 1843 the Lugo family made an offer to Lorenzo Trujillo, a Genizaro trader from Abiquiu, to settle Agua Mansa. Trujillo recruited a number of Abiquiu families (Atencio, Castillo, Espinosa, Garcia, Jaramillo, Moya, Salazar, Valdez, and Velarde), who settled in San Bernardino County at Agua Mansa. California was attractive to New Mexicans because of its cheap land, opportunities for commerce, convergence of trade routes, and the mining of quick silver and mercury used in gold mining

More about the Children of Marcos and Guadalupe
José Manuel Valentin who married Maria Paula Valdez

José Manuel Valentin married Maria Paula Valdez, the daughter of Julian Valdez and Margarita Velarde. The Abiquiu Baptisms Book lists two children for them, Antonio de Jesus, baptized on October 20, 1833 and José Fernando Simon, baptized on February 18, 1835.

The same book lists five children Antonio de Jesus Delgado (son of José Manuel Delgado and Maria Paul Valdez) and Maria Manuela Jaramillo (daughter of Rafael Jaramillo and Julian Trujillo): Maria Reinaldia (March 3, 1856); Maria Porfirada Jesus (November 2, 1857); Antonio (May 18, 1859); José Maria (April 2, 1862); and Ramon Estevan (Tierra Amarilla, February 3, 1864).

The LDS site lists in addition: José Abram, March 17, 1869, Abiquiu; Maria Paula, baptized at San Juan Nepomucena in El Rito on February 1, 1871; Maria Candelaria, baptized at San Juan Nepocucena in El Rito on February 14, 1872; and Maria Juliana baptized at San Juan Nepocucena in El Rito on April 11, 1878.

The LDS site also has a marriage for Antonio (b. 1859) to Jesusita Martinez and a son Felix for them b. in 1895 in Tierra Amarilla.

Some Illegitimate Children in the Marcos Line

The Abiquiu Baptisms Book also gives:

José Maria Delgado, father unknown, daughter of Maria Josefa Delgado, granddaughter of José Marcos Antonio Delgado and Maria Guadalupe Valdez baptized September 15, 1839 at the age of 4 days;

Marcos Antonio Delgado father unknown, daughter of Maria Josefa Delgado, granddaughter of José Marcos Antonio Delgado and Maria Guadalupe Valdez baptized July 6, 1843 (godparents José Fernando Montaño and Maria Jesuscita Delgado);

José Gregorio Delgado, baptized June 24, 1836, born two days earleir to unknown mother and father, with Marcos Delgado and Josefa Delgado as godparents.

Manuel who married Veneranda Ortiz

Manuel married Veneranda Ortiz (daughter of Antonio Ortiz and Francisca Pena of La Cienega (Las Golondrinas, Los Cerrillos).

According to the New Mexico Marriages of Santa Fe and the Military Chapel of Our Lady of Light p. 262, on January 7, 1856, Emmanuel Delgado, son of Marcus (Delgado) deceased and Guadalupe Valdes deceased of this parish, married Veneranda Ortis, daughter of Antonio Ortis and Francisca Pena of la Cienega , of this parish. (Frame 618-619, October 4, 1825 gives Antonio Ortiz, son of Don Francisco Ortiz and Doña Maria Garcia of San Yldefonso, married Doña Maria Francisca Pena, daughter of José de la Pena and Doña Francisca Silva, city residents. Witnesses Don José Gonzales and Don Diego Padilla.)

Eric Cedillo, a great great grandson of their son Sostenes Delgado says that Sostenes was a merchant all his life and he and his wife Melecia lived on Santa Fe St. off of Hot Springs Blvd. in a beautiful 2 story Victorian brick home Melecia was the first women to sit on the school board for San Miguel County. They had 4 children: Eric's grandmother Guadalupe "Pita" Delgado, Philipe, Alberto and Mary Grace Delgado. The first wife of Sostenes' children were very close to the second set of children and Eric's Great Aunt Agneda Delgado who recently passed away.

I have a death certificate for Sostenes Delgado Sr. Who died on December 25, 1937 and home at 102 Blanchard St, Las Vegas, New Mexico. He was 70 years and 28 days at the time of his death. He was married to Melicia Duran Delgado. He was a sheepman and worked on a ranch. He worked at this for his whole life until 1936. He had been born on November 27, 1867 to Manuel Delgado, born in Abiquiu and Veneranda Ortiz, born in Cerillos. He died of Hemiplegia, probably a sequel of apoplexy, hypertension and myocarditis. The onset of the cause of death is given as 1928. He was buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery. The informant was Sostenes M. Delgado, Jr. (A great grandson of Sostenes Delgado and Melecia Duran Delgado tells me that Melecia Duran, the daughter of Simon Duran and Andrea Sena, lived to be 104 years old! The first wife of Sostenes was Emilia Moore.)

José Manuel (Ismel) born June 17, 1835 in Abiquiu, who married Gregoria Ortiz, Manuela Ortiz and Ana Maria Aragon. (See the page dedicated to him, with photos)

Marcos II and Maria Loreta Lucero, then Placida Sanchez y Otero

Another child of Marcos Delgado and Guadalupe Valdes was Marcos Delgado. According to the New Mexico Marriages of Santa Fe and the Military Chapel of Our Lady of Light p. 242, he married Maria Loreta Lucero, daughter of Manuel Lucero and Maria Luz Baca on September 26, 1850.

Fabiola Cabeza de Baca y Delgado de Gilbert is a descendent of Marcos II on her mother's side. In unpublished notes, she lists Cirilio (m. Casiana Anaya, Beatriz Otero), Marcolfa (m. Lorenzo Otero), Encarnacion (m. Lopez) ; Leonor (m. Ortiz) and Guadalupe as children of Marcos II and Loreta Lucero, San Miguel del Bado:

Encarnacion, born about 1856. Married Lopez.

Leonor, married Miguel Ortiz. The Baptisms books of San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437) gives: Francisco Ortiz baptized March 21, 1877; Elias Ortiz baptized January 15, 1879, sons of Miguel Ortiz and Leonor Delgado.

Marcolfa, born December 12, 1852 (twin), married Lorenzo Otero (son of Santiago Otero and Dolores Apodaca). Children: 1. Jose Maria Otero (son of Lorenzo Otero and Marcolfa Delgado) married Margarita Delgado daughter of Cirilio and Casiana on September 18, 1898. They were dispensed in the 2nd degree. 2. Adolfo who married Josefita Peña; 3. Juan, who married Lucia Austin; 4. Lola (Dolores married Doroteo Garcia; 5. Cornelia married Juan Sanchez.

Cirilo, b. 1852 (twin), married Casiana Anaya. The Libro de Casamientos La Iglesia de San Jose Anton Chico gives their marriage: Feb 10, 1872 Cirilio Delgado hijo legitima de Marcos Delgado y de Loreta Lucero con Casiana Analla hija legitima de Jose Analla y de Placida Sanchez de La Liendre, Padrinos, Vidal Ortiz y S. Lucero. Note that Cirilo married his stepmother's daughter.

Indalecia Delgado (1874-1898), daughter of Cyrillo Delgado and Cassiana Anaya on January 28, 1892 at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437) (Her name is spelled both as Endereta and Endrenida on the record). Married Gratiano Cabeza de Baca (1867-1936), son of Tomas Dolores Cabeza de Baca and Estefana Delgado at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437). Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert was the daughter of Graciano and Indalecia. has her as Eindalecia. I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be their Maria Andalina baptized on July 6, 1873.

Juanita Delgado, born to Cirilio Delgado and Cassiana Analla, baptized on March 21, 1877 at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437). Parents from La Liendre. Godparents, Ismael Delgado and Manuelita Ortiz.

Maria Andalina, baptized on July 6, 1873 at St Joseph's, Anton Chico (LDS).

Margarita Delgado, daughter of Cirilo Delgado and Casiana Anaya of La Liendre was baptized on April 8, 1879 at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437), born April 7, 1879 in Las Vegas (LDS site). She married José Maria Otero, son of Lorenzo Otero and Marcolfa Delgado at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito on September 18, 1898. She and her parents are given as being from Cañon del Agua (LDS 190437).

Leonore, born to Cirilio Delgado and Cassiana Analla, baptized January 23, 1881 at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437). From La Liendre. Married Ortiz.

The 1860 Census for Manzano shows:

Marcos Delgado 37 M Day Laborer
Malcofa 8 F and twin,
Cirilo 8 M
Encarnacion 4

On January 21, 1883, Cirillo Delgado and Cassiana Analla of La Liendre served as godparents for Paula Aragon, daughter of Victor Aragon and Felicita Garcia.

Cirilo's second wife was Beatriz Otero.

The LDS sites gives a marriage date of November 17, 1884 at Our Lady of Sorrows in Las Vegas. I have this information on their children:

Emilio Delgado baptized on October 20, 1890 (p. 238 of Bautismos de San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito LDS Film 190437)

On April 18, 1886 they served as godparents for Isabel Aragon, daughter of Candelario Aragon and Ursina Lopez and on April 21, 1885 for Antonio Urioste.

I have a death certificate for Beatrice Otero de Delgado who died at home on New Mexico Ave in Las Vegas on September 26, 1928, at the age of 59. She was the widow of Cirilo Delgado. She had been born in 1869 to Narciso Otero and Antonia Chavez. The informant was Rudulpho Delgado of Puerto de Luna. The cause was chronic myocarditis that she contracted in Santa Rosa. She was buried in Puerto de Luna.

Fabiola Cabeza de Baca y Delgado de Gilbert gives these siblings for Beatriz Otero de Delgado: Mercedes, married Pedro Tafoya; Piedad, marred Juan Martinez; Feliciano, married Lola Bernal; Francisca (Quica) married Monica Tafoya.

Marcos Delgado and Placida Sanchez y Otero, 2nd wife.

On January 6, 1864, Marcos Delgado, widower of Lorretta Lucero, married Placida Sanchez, widow of Jose Antonio Anaya, both residents of Las Vegas (Iglesia De Nuesta Senora de Las Vegas Territories 1853-1882, p. 53).

José Antonio Analla of Tajique had married Placida Sanchez y Otero daughter of Jose Sanches and Agustina Otero on Feb 21, 1854 (AASF #3 book of Tomé Marriages). They lived in Manzano. There is a baptismal record from Manzano or Tomé for Casiana Anaya giving her parents as Jose Antonio Analla and Placida Sanchez. Fabiola gives Jesus, Leodoro, Casiana (who married Cirilo Delgado, her stepfather's son) as children of José Antonio Analla and Placida Sanchez y Otero.

Children of Marcos and Placida

Felicitas, m. Simon Urioste (b. Aug 18, 1836). I have a death certificate for Simon Urioste. According to it (warts and all) that he died in Las Vegas, San Miguel County and resided in Agelar, New Mexico. His was the widower of Felicet Urioste. His date of birth was unknown. He was 83 years old at the time of his death. He was retired with no employer. His birth place was Santa Fe. His father was Juan Urioste, born in New Mexico and Rita Afolico, born in New Mexico, born in New Mexico. The informant was Abelino Urioste of Mesa Afoclia. He died on January 26, 1921 at 1 pm of severe myocarditis, nephritis contributory.

Josefa, baptized September 27, 1872, at St. Joseph's in Anton Chico (LDS). Married Pedro Quintana (son of Juan José Quintana and Maria Justa Montoya on November 17, 1890 at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437).

Celsa married Juan Aragon (son of Manuel Aragon and Isidora Urioste) on February 18, 1878 at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437). Witnesses were Cirilio Delgado and Casiana Analla. For them I have a boy named José Benito Aragon baptized on March 30, 1879; a girl named Maria Petra Aragon, b. Aug 4, 1880 (padrinos Miguel Ortiz and Leonora Delgado of La Liendre); a girl named Maria Rosa Aragon baptized on July 9, 1882 (Bautismos de San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito LDS Film 190437). Romona Nov. 1885; Francisco Paciano March 10, 1887; Ma Guadalupe Marcolfa Sept 1, 1889.

I have Celsa's death certificate. She is given as having died in Tucumcari, Quay County where she resided. She was married to Juan E. Aragon. She was 69 years old and born in 1864. Her lifelong trade was housework, which she had worked at until July 1933. She was born in San Miguel County to Marco Del Gado, born in San Miguel County, and to Placido Sanchez, whose place of birth is not given. The informant was F. P. Aragon (Francisco Paciano Aragon y Delgado) of Willard, New Mexico. She died at 1 am on December 29, 1933. She was buried in Tucumcari on December 30, 1933. No doctor attended to her and no cause of death is given.

Maria Ferminia, baptized November 28, 1874 at St. Joseph's in Anton Chico (LDS), m. Miguel Quintana.

Marcos, baptized on July 28, 1878, godparents Juan Esteban Aragon and Celsa Delgado (Bautismos de San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito LDS Film 190437). He looks like the 41 year old Marcos married to Josefita in the 1920 census below.

Bernarda was the second wife of Francisco Aragon (widower of Juanita Orasta?). They married on December 4, 1890 at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437). She is given as the daughter of Marcos Delgado and Placida Sanchez. Witnesses were Hilario Delgado and Francisca Aragon of Cañon de Agua. Bernarda Delgado had a natural son born on November 10, 1890 His name was Jose Santos Delgado. His godparents were Juan Aragon and Celsa Delgado of La Liendre (Bautismos de San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito LDS Film 190437)

Gregorita, born to Marcos Delgado and Placida Sanchez. She was baptized on December 1, 1868 at St. Joseph's in Anton Chico (LDS). She married Isidro Urioste, son of Juan Ignacio Urioste and Jesusita Aragon, on September 10, 1888, at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437). Marcos had died by the time of the marriage. Witnesses were Cyrillo Delgado and Beatriz Otero. Her father, Marcos, was listed as deceased and Placida as being from Cañon de Agua. For them I have a child name Benito Urioste, baptized on August 13, 1889, godparents Michael Quintana and Fermina Delgado (Bautismos de San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito LDS Film 190437).

Petra, born to Marcos Delgado and Placida Sanchez, married Juan Bautista Urioste son Juan Ignacio Urioste y Jesusita Aragon, on January 9, 1883 at San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito (LDS 190437). Marcos had died by the time of the marriage. I have a son, Casiano Urioste baptized January 1, 1886, godparents Gregoria Delgado and Isidro (?) Analla; and a son Martin Urioste, for them born on April 30, 1890 and baptized on May 20, 1890, godparents Hilario (?) Delgado and Bernarda Delgado (Bautismos de San Ysidro Labrador de Chaperito LDS Film 190437). The question marks are because the priest put the names in Latin.

Hilario (1876-1943), m. Silviana, daughter of Jose Huculano Garcia y Trujillo and Maria Cleofas Baca y Martin(es). Casimira "Kim" Delgado published an short article entitled "Hilario Delgado y Esposa, Mis Abuelitos" about Hilario and Silvianita in the Spring 2008 issue of Herencia, The Heritage and History of New Mexico, p. 37. It has a photo of Hilario. According to her article, Hilario was born on February 12, 1876 to Marcos Delgado and Placida Sanchez. He had several sisters an a brother named Marcos. His wife, Silviana Cabeza de Baca Garcia was born in January 1980 in Loma Parda, N.M. They married in October 1900. They lived in Canon del Agua, located between La Liendre and Chaperito about 35 miles southeast of Las Vegas. Their children were Carolina, Juan Maria, Cleofas, Cirilio, Margarito and Josefita. They raised sheep and goats. Juan Maria remained a sheep herder and Cirilio worked as a mechanic in Las Vegas and Farmington. During the late 1920s or early 1930s, Hilario moved the family into a two story home in Las Vegas near Delgado and Bernalillo St, off Hot Springs Boulevard. Casimira remembers her grandfather Hilario as being very affectionate.

The 1920 census for La Liendre, San Miguel County gives:

Hilario Delgado, head, 43 years old, married, laborer public road.

Silvianita, wife, 40 years old, married (she was the daughter of Jose Huculano Garcia y Trujillo and Maria Cleofas Baca y Martin(es), married in 1878 in La Junta, Wagon Mound.)

Juan Maria, son, 17, single, farmer, home farm.

Cliofas, daughter, 15

Josefita, daughter, 12

Margarita, daughter, 10

Cirillo, 4

Next door to these is the Lindero Anaya household composed of him, 55, his wife Maria Rita, 38, Manuel, 19, Anita, 18, José Antonio 15.

After that comes this interesting household:

Marcus Delgado, head, 41, farmer

Josefita, wife, 32

Elena, daughter, 15

Agapita, daughter, 13

Frank, son, 2