Some German and Austrian Priests Who Were Arrested or Harmed by the Nazis
Updated, revised and corrected on November 27, 2020

Picture of Father Jacques Sommet (1912-2012), Jesuit, drawn by a monk in Dachau
Below is a list of some German and Austrian priests arrested or harmed by the Nazis whose names and stories I have come across in the course of my research. I must stress that it is not comprehensive. I do not even claim that it is completely accurate. Although I have repeatedly crosschecked and verified the information contained in it, many tricky problems stand in the way of establishing an exhaustive, accurate list.
For one thing, Hitler redrew Germany’s borders and he redefined Germanness. So, it is not even completely clear who was actually a German priest and who was not during the Third Reich. For instance, Alsatians and Luxembourgers, not to mention Austrians, were among those who became members of the master race during those days, whether they liked it or not. So it is that, for example, the Alsatian Dachau survivor Fr. Jean Kammerer and the Luxembourger Dachau survivor Fr. Jean Bernard and their compatriots do not figure on the list below, although the Nazis considered them to be German priests.

In addition,
errors in the names of priests mar records, journalistic accounts and other writings by them and about them. Names were liable to be misspelled, for instance, umlauts not taken into consideration. In addition, there are often variations in the spelling of German names, for example: Karl and Carl; Johannes, Johann and Jan; Rudolf and Rudolph; Heinrich and Heinz. Moreover, priests belonging to religious orders often had both religious and legal names and therefore could be known and remembered in completely different ways, something I have indicated, when I could, by placing religious names in parentheses.
It also happened that many priests were arrested more than once and many were held in several different jails, prisons and concentration camps, and so the same priest’s name could appear in different records and even appear in them in various forms and with variant spellings. Then, when arrested or harmed priests made international news, they were not always named. In addition, not all priests declared themselves as such. Fr. Lenz estimated that there were about 150 priests, presumably of all nationalities, who revealed that they were priests in Mauthausen concentration camp when he was there, but that a number of other priests did not out of fear of being subjected to even harsher treatment. (Lenz 1957, 61)

All these, and undoubtedly many other, factors leave room for error. So in spite of my efforts to verify the information and to correct disparities and discrepancies, it is absolutely certain that mistakes remain. However, my point is that, despite the obstacles standing in the way of making an exact, completely comprehensive list of priests victimized by Nazi henchmen, it is very easy to show that hundreds, even thousands, of German and Austrian priests were arrested, imprisoned, beheaded, shot, tortured, hanged, shot, gassed or otherwise euthanized, starved to death, used as guinea pigs, worked to death, injected with poison or merely exiled or locked up in concentration camps or otherwise harmed by Nazi henchmen.

Besides the names appearing in the Newsreel of the previous chapter and found in other secondary literature that I consulted, this list was mainly compiled from information found in Als Priester in Konzentrationslager (Arthofer 1947); Priester unter Hitlers Terror (Hehl et al eds. 1998); Priester vor Hitlers Tribunal (Kempner 1996); Zeugen für Christus, Das deutsche Martyrologium des 20. Jahrhunderts (Moll ed. 2014); the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (DöW) online; Errinerungen eines katholischen Geistlichen aus der Zeit seiner Gefangenschaft 1941-45 (Carls 1945); Oldenburgs Priester unter NS-Terror, 1932–1945 (Hirschfeld & Zumholz eds. 2006); Prêtres allemands à Dachau (Münch 1977); Priester im Dritten Reich (Würth 1992). …And Who Will Kill You contains an almost 300 page list of priests of all nationalities who were in Dachau (Hoffmann 1946, 287-581). Christus in Dachau also contains a long list. (Lenz 1957, 419-26)
In drawing up this list, I have adhered to Sereny’s criteria of being arrested, harmed, German or Austrian and a priest. Bishops, archbishops, nuncios and cardinals are also priests and several were arrested or harmed, but accounts of their ordeals figure in another chapter. Members of religious orders with the title “Brother” are usually not priests, so I have not included them, nor have I included the seminarians, women religious, or the dozens of Protestant ministers persecuted by the Nazis, though they certainly deserve to be remembered. I have also left out the many priests who were merely interrogated, stalked, harassed, threatened, insulted, hounded, humiliated by the Nazis, but not arrested or otherwise harmed.

Not figuring in the list, but not to be forgotten, are the thousands of non-German and non-Austrian priests whom Nazi underlings sent to the many camps they established. Roughly 2,670 priests, from Albania, Belgium, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and other countries have been documented as having passed through Dachau alone, where over a thousand of them left their lives (
Kammerer 1995, 70). According to Actes et Documents du Saint-Siège relatifs à la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, on October 17, 1942, Bishop von Preysing sent the following statistics to the Vatican about priests who had died in Dachau during the three months between May and July 1942: in May 1942, 35 priests died, 34 of whom were Polish; in June 1942, 119 priests died, 110 of whom were Polish and 5 were German; in July 1942, 174 priests died, 160 of whom were Polish and 8 were German (ADSS vol. 2, p. 325, n. 16). A priest so unfortunate as to come from certain countries, for example, Poland, Slovenia, the Baltics, the Ukraine, could well enough have been killed on the spot, leaving no record to show for it.
Heribert Abel, Steyler Missionary, arrested summer of 1943 for subversion of the war effort
Walter Abschlag, from Heddernheim, from 1938-39 in Buchenwald
Josef Adamecki, died May 26, 1944 in Auschwitz
Josef Adams, Dachau 1943-45
Paul Adamus, Dachau 1941-45
Johannes Paul Aeltermann, Danzig, arrested 1935, arrested again, murdered Nov. 22, 1939
Wilhelm Ahrens, arrested by Gestapo on Jan. 7, 1937, sent to Sachsenhausen, freed March 5, 1937
Korbinian Aigner, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1941-45
Josef Albinger, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1942-45
Robert Johannes Albrecht, Jesuit, beheaded Sept. 18, 1943, Brandenburg prison
Alexander Heinrich Alef, killed in Dachau on Feb. 16, 1945
Paul Alertz, arrested by Gestapo July 20, 1944 for defeatism, sent to Buchenwald
Eduard Allebrod, Pallottine, Dachau 1942-45
Franz Allmer, Benedictine, jailed 1938, Buchenwald 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Johann Almer, Mauthausen-Gusen 1940, Dachau 1940, where he died 1941
Alfons Allmendinger of Lauffen arrested June 1933
Paul Ander, sentenced in Bamberg in 1937 to 3 mos.’ imprisonment for misusing the pulpit
Alois Andritzki, Dachau from 1941 until killed on Feb. 3, 1943
Eduard Angermann, under arrest in 1940
Bruno Angrik, incarcerated in 1944 for 5 mos. in Bartenstein
Jules Anneser, camp of Natzweiler-Struthof 1944, Dachau 1944-45
Leopold Arthofer, Dachau 1941-45
Franz Auer, under arrest in 1940
Gottfried Auer, Dachau 1942-45
Josef Augst, Dachau 1942-45
Gereon Josef Ausserlechner, preached against Nazi ideology, tortured, died Dachau June 13, 1944
Theodor Averberg, Dachau 1943-45
Josef Averesch, Buchenwald 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Oskar Baensch, under arrest for defeatist pamphlets 1941-43, Dachau, 1943-45
Johannes Bahrenberg, subversive statements, imprisoned 1940-41, Dachau 1942-45
Gebhard Baldauf, under arrest from 1940-45
Bruno (Johannes) Baltes, Benedictine, Höngen, Germany, died Dec. 22, 1944 in Romania
Georg Banasch, arrested and tried in Berlin in 1935 for high treason
Bernhard (Romanus) Bange OFM, died July 21, 1941 of heart failure when police closed monastery
Gustav Banholzer, imprisoned 1941, 1944, Dachau 1944-45
Werner Barkholt, Jesuit, died Dachau July 18, 1942, preached against Nazis
Karl Barth, imprisoned 1942, Dachau 1943-45
Paul Bartsch, arrested 1941, Dachau 1943-45
Max Bauer, parish priest in Schwarzhofen arrested for unknown reasons in July 1933
Ludwig Bauer, Dachau 1942-45
Peter Bauer, imprisoned 1935-40, Buchenwald 1942, Ravensbrück 1942, Dachau 1942-45
Fr. Baumer, Sachsenhausen
Gerhard Baumjohann, jailed 1939, Dachau 1942-45
Ernst Bayer, Sudetenland, arrested by Gestapo 194l for preaching, 1 ½ yrs. in concentration camp
Joseph Bechtel, sent to Dachau 1941, where he died in Aug. 12, 1942
Heinrich Becker, sentenced to 5 yrs. in prison in 1937, prison 1939-42, Dachau 1943-45
Johann Becker, Trappist, sent to Dachau 1940, where he died in 1942
Albert (Wigbert) Beckers, Capuchin, Dachau, 1943-45
Alois Beichert, died Apr. 2, 1945 in Oberwittstadt
Fr. Beichlemeier, Jesuit leader arrested in Austria 1939
Franz-Josef Beier, sentenced to 21 mos. in prison in 1936
Anton Bendal, Jesuit, Linz, imprisoned 1941-42, Dachau 1942-45
Augustin Benninghaus, Jesuit, Sachsenhausen 1941, 1942, died in Dachau July 20, 1942
Jacob Bentz, sent to Dachau in 1942, died Sept. 15, 1942
Ernst Berendt, Dachau 1941-42
Alfred Berchtold, Dachau 1938, Buchenwald 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Rebe Bergantz, Dachau, arrested 1942, Dachau 1943-45
Hubert Berger, Dachau 1942-45, radio crime
Leonhard Berger, arrested by the Gestapo in Feb. 14, 1943, radio crime
Josef (Ludgerus) Berges, arrested July 13, 1935, 7 wks. in custody
Franz Josef (Franz Assisi) Bergmann, under arrest 1941, Dachau 1942-45
Adolf Bernhard, sent to Dachau 1941, where he died July 11, 1942
Johannes Bernhardy, sentenced to 3 1/2 in prison for immoral conduct
Ludwig Karl Michael Bettendorf, imprisoned 1940, Sachsenhausen, Dachau 1940-45
Georg Bichlmair, banished by the Nazis from Austria to Upper Silesia
Fr. Biehl, described as an “arch-crook,” sentenced to 4 yrs. in prison in 1937
Ludwig Biehl, in custody 1941, sentenced to 1 year in prison in 1942
Leopold Bilko, Dachau 1939-45
Leo Binder, Sachsenhausen 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Ludwig Binder, Franciscan, Dachau 1941, where he died in Aug. 1942
Bruno Binnebesel, executed Nov. 13, 1944 in Brandenburg Prison for radio crime
Peter Bioly, sent to Dachau in 1941, died July 6, 1942 in transport to Hartheim euthanasia facility
Adam Birner, imprisoned for radio crime, committed suicide in prison on Apr. 13, 1941
Karl (Sylvester) Birngruber arrested by the Gestapo in 1940, fled Dachau Apr. 28, 1945
Alois Blaha, arrested by the Gestapo, sentenced to prison in 1944
August Blandenier, Franciscan, from Vienna, arrested 1939, 1940, died in Dachau Apr. 20, 1941
Alois Blass, a parish priest in Tyrol, arrested in 1938
Franz (Engelbert) Blöchl, Cistercian, sent to Dachau 1941 where he died in 1942
Hieronymus Bochnia, arrested 1940 for ministering to Polish prisoners of war, Dachau 1941-45
Otto Boecker of Vinnenberg monastery sentenced in 1934 to fifteen mos. in prison
Franz Böhm, arrested July 20, 1944, died Feb. 13, 1945 in Dachau
Karl Böhmer, arrested 1942 by Gestapo, interned Hägerwelle bei Stettin-Pölitz concentration camp
Josef Boehr, imprisoned for opposition to regime, Dachau 1941-45
Andreas Boenigk, imprisoned in 1941
Fr. Boese, arrested by secret police in Fall 1935 for possessing “secret documents”
Johann Boesen, under arrest by the Gestapo 1937-38
Friedrich Bohm, Jesuit scholastic judged insane and gassed at Hartheim euthanasia facility
Aegidius (Norbert) Bombis, Franciscan, sentenced to 39 mos. in prison in 1935
Fr. Bombitzki, arrested in July 1933 for criticizing the government
Anton Bornefeld, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Franz Borucki, Dachau 1944-45
Wenzel Bradler, Dachau 1941-45
Johannes Brantzen, arrested 1941 for youth chaplaincy, Dachau 1941-45
Theodor Brasse, in Dachau 1941-43
Ludwig Braun, Dachau 1942-45
Wilhelm Braun, Dachau 1935-39, 1940-41, Mauthausen, died Buchenwald Aug. 29, 1942
Vincenz Brauner, arrested by the Gestapo 1941
Franz Breitenberger, Capuchin, Dachau 1941-45
Wilhelm Breithecker, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Leon Brendt, arrested by the SS in Apr. 1940
Joseph Breu, from Pösing, in custody in 1933
Wilhelm (Ewald) Brzesowsky, Franciscan, sentenced to 4 yrs. in the penitentiary
Peter Brinkmann sentenced to 10 mos. in prison Nov. 1935
Wilhelm Brinkmann, Redemptorist, sentenced to 6 yrs. and 1 month in prison in Sept. 1935
Peter Brodesser sentenced 1933 in Dortmund to 5 mos. in prison, insulted Hitler and Goebbels
Paul Brosig, arrested 1937 because of open letter to Goebbels, died Nov. 26, 1944 St Blasien
Franz Joseph Bruemmer, sentenced to 2 yrs. in prison and fined in 1935
Alois Brugger, murdered Apr. 29, 1945 in Billafingen
Wilhelm (Thaddaeus) Brunke, Franciscan, Dachau 1941 where he died Aug. 5, 1942
Alfons Buchholz, 1937, sentenced to 3 yrs. prison for leading attack by Catholic Youth on police
Josef Buchkremer, many run-ins with Gestapo for anti-regime activities, helping Jews starting 1935, Dachau 1942-45
Georg Bujakowski, Dachau 1941-45
Franz-Josef Bungarten, arrested June 7, 1940 and March 31, 1945 and
Werner Bunge, arrested by Gestapo Feb. 14, 1943, jailed 1 1/2 yrs.
Anton Burger, imprisoned 1939-41, Dachau 1941-45
Bernhard (Petrus) Burgstaller, Cistercian abbot, starved to death in prison in Linz Nov. 1941
Johannes Burkhart, many run-ins with authorities starting 1933, imprisoned 1942, Dachau 1942-45
Wilhelm Caroli, 8 mos. in prison 1937, died in Aug. 1942 in Dachau
Johannes Carls, subversive preaching, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1942-45
Josef Cebula, died May 9, 1941, Mauthausen
Jakob Clemens, arrested 1935 in Dusseldorf, charged in 1937 with conspiring with communists
Franz Coenen, condemned to two yrs. in prison in 1939, died in 1939
Bernard Conrad, president of a Catholic Young Men’s Association expelled from district in 1935
Albert Coppenrath, many run-ins with Gestapo and courts, jailed, abused by Gestapo in Berlin 1940
Leonhard Cordonnier, died Dec. 29, 1942 in Dachau
Karl Cremer, sentenced to 18 mos. in prison in 1937 for conspiring with communists
Hubert Czechowski, arrested 1938, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1942-45
Franz Dabeck, subversive behavior, Dachau 1942-45
Heinrich Dalla Rosa, beheaded in Jan. 1945 for defeatism and fidelity to the Pope
Alois Dangelmaier, concentration camp for gathering Catholic youth when Hitler was addressing the nation and putting on the loudspeaker only when the speech was over; concentration camp Ulm-Kuhberg 1934 for criticizing the regime and having a mass for those executed in Cologne, sentenced to 4 mos. for treachery 1944
Ernst Daniel, sentenced to prison
Josef Danzinger, arrested by the Gestapo in 1939
Johann Daxböck, Benedictine, arrested by the Gestapo in 1939
Alois Daxl, imprisoned 1940-42 for radio crime, Dachau 1943-45
Kurt Dehne, Jesuit, 1943-45, Dachau
Leopold Delhez, sent to Dachau 1942 where he died Jan. 27, 1943
Alfred Delp, Jesuit, executed Feb. 2, 1945 in Berlin
Norbert Leopold Deml, Franciscan, died Sept. 17, 1942 in Pretzsch/Elbe work camp
August Deppisch, arrested and fined in 1934
Georg Deppisch, Dachau 1945
Johann Dettlaff, Dachau 1942-45
Friedrich Dinstühler, died in Buchenwald on March 30, 1945
Andreas Dirnberger, imprisoned 1939, Dachau 1941-45
Alois Dobczynski, after many run-ins, arrested 1940, 1943
Leo Dobberstein of Allenstein, East Prussia, arrested in 1935, 2 yrs. in prison in Stuhm
Hugolinus Dörr, missionary murdered June 6, 1940 in Fort Asnières in Dijon after fleeing to France
Franz Doppelfeld, Dachau 1941-44
Heinrich Maria Dresbach, arrested June 16, 1941, subversion of war effort, Dachau 1941-45
Paul Drosdek, died Jan. 5, 1945 after 37 mos. in Magdeburg prison
Paul Dubianski, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Hermann Duemig, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1941-45, critical preaching
Franz Dürnberger, Dachau 1943-45
Alphons Duschak, Dachau 1941-45
Paul Dziendzielewski, 4 wks. in prison in Danzig, 1940
Clemens Echelmeyer, dragged from home by the Gestapo and exiled because Bishop von Galen had displeased the Nazis
Johann Ecker, arrested by the Gestapo in 1943 and 1944
Alois Eckert, St Bernardus in Bornheim, imprisoned by the Nazis several times
Albert Eckhart, sentenced to 22 mos. in prison and fined for currency violation
Albert Eise, Pallottine, sent to Dachau in 1941, died there Sept. 3, 1942
August Eisenmann, Dachau 1941-45
Franz Xaver Endt, died March 16, 1944 in Brieg prison
Auguste Engelmann, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1943-45, for peace-loving ideas
Gottfried Engels, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1940-42, 2 yrs. in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel prison
Josef Enzmann, under arrest 1938-40, arrested 1943, 1945
Friedrich Erxleben, arrested May 17, 1944, sentenced to death for high treason and preparation to kill, in Ravensbrück, Oranienburg, Plötzensee until Apr. 25, 1945
Leo Fabing, Dachau 1942-45
Hugo Farny, from Rottweil, in custody for three days in June 1933
Eduard Farwer, imprisoned 1938-41, Dachau 1941-45
Fr. Feisl, of Eglofs, Bavaria arrested in July 1933 for criticizing the government
Kaspar Feld, imprisoned 1942, 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Franz Fertala, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1943-45
Heinrich Karl Joseph Feurstein, preached against euthanasia, arrested Jan. 1942, died Aug. 2, 1942 Dachau
Georg Fiebig, arrested by the police many times for short periods from 1939-1944
Johannes Fiebig, denounced for statements defending Jews, charges not pursued
Franz Finke, died July 3, 1942 in Sachsenhausen
Eduard Fischer, Dachau 1943-45, died Apr. 27, 1945 returning from Dachau
Josef Fischer, Pallotine imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Max Fleschhut, 1936 broke flag law, 1938 read forbidden pastoral letter, 1940 different jails and Welzheim concentration camp, 4 mos. detention for ministry to Poles
Johannes Flintrop, sent to Dachau May 1942, died there Aug. 18, 1942
Augustin Flossdorf, imprisoned 1 year for anti-Nazi activity, arrested at war’s end, condemned to death, liberated
Friedrich Karl Förster, arrested 1943, sentenced to 3 yrs. in prison
Grünewald Forscher, starved to death in Dachau in 1942
Franz Anton Fränznik, sent to Dachau in 1942, died there Jan. 27, 1944
Maximilian Frammelsberger, prisoner Ratisbonne, Plötzensee, Berlin, died Jan. 16, 1944 in Moabit prison hospital
Hilarius Frank, sentenced to 33 mos. in prison in 1936
Rudolf Frank, imprisoned over and over again by the Gestapo
Alois Frankhauser, Franciscan, imprisoned 1940, Dachau 1941-45
Robert Franze, Sudetenland, 1941 arrested by police, Sachsenhausen 1941-42, sent to Dachau
Richard Frasl, arrested 1938, Dachau 1943, died there Apr. 17, 1945
Wilhelm Freckmann, 6 mos. in prison, then sentenced to 4½ yrs. in prison in Oct. 1935
Fr. Freilich, Dachau
Heinrich Fresenborg, Dachau 1941-45
Fr. Fridolin, Franciscan, arrested and charged with treason in Karlsruhe in 1934
Franz Friedrich 1940 in prison in Allenstein
Josef Friedrich, Limburg, Pallotine, 3 mos. in Buchenwald for baptizing 3 Polish children
Karl Jakob Friedrich, Pallottine, imprisoned 1943-44 SS camp Hinzert, Dachau 1944-45
Reinhold Friedrichs, Sachsenhausen 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Albert Fritsch of Hellefeld, sentenced in 1936 to 8 mos. in prison
August Fröhlich, Gestapo jail, Buchenwald, Ravensbrück, died 1942 in Dachau
Ferdinand Frodl, Jesuit arrested by the Gestapo in 1943, sentenced to 3 yrs. in prison in Vienna
Gottfried Fuchs, arrested and deported to Stuhm (West Prussia), where he died Jan. 29, 1945
Heinz Fuchs, arrested because non-Aryan, sent to labor camp, released 1945
Alois Funk, contracted tuberculosis in prison, where he died on Dec. 25, 1942
Otto Futterer, Jesuit, arrested 1941, aided enemy, prepared high treason, subversion of war effort, 1942, sentenced to 3 yrs. solitary confinement, 1944 Hinzert concentration camp, escaped March 1945
Ottomar Gächter, Dachau 1939, then Buchenwald
Michael Gaisert, died Oct. 25, 1933 in Steinhilben, Kr. Reutlingen
Klemens Galocz, died Nov. 26, 1942 in Dachau
Rudolf Gallas, Dachau 1944-45
Josef Galuszka, arrested Sept. 1939, Buchenwald, Mauthausen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Jakob Gapp, Marianist, arrested Nov. 9, 1942, beheaded Aug. 13, 1943 Berlin Plotzensee
Hubert (Alkuin) Gassman, Franciscan, Dachau 1942-45
Andreas Gastager, from Herbertshausen, Dachau
Hans Gaster, Dachau, Buchenwald, Dachau 1939-44
Anton Gebert, German from diocese of Prague died May 1942 in Dachau
Paul Ernst Gediga, died May 28, 1945 Graudenz camp
Emil Gehr, Dachau 1942-45
Franz Geiger, Dachau 1941-45
Richard Geike, sent to Dachau 1941 where he died in 1942
Josef Gerhard (Odilo), Franciscan, arrested on suspicion of high treason, Dachau 1942-45
Johannes Gerharz, Pallotine, imprisoned 1943-44, Dachau 1944-45
Athanasius (August) Gerster, Benedictine, arrested July 1944, sentenced to three yrs. in prison for subversion of war effort, died in Bayreuth prison on March 15, 1945
Johann Gerstmayr, 1944, sentenced to death and executed
Alois Gessler, 1939 fined for reading forbidden pastoral letter, 1944 arrested by Gestapo, sent to Welzheim concentration camp because refused to sing national hymn
Wilhelm Gillmann, 1941, 5 mos. in Wilhelmshaven concentration camp
Suitbert Gilz, sent to Dachau 1941 where he died in 1943
Wilhelm Gnegel, from Hildesheim, Dachau 1943-45
Walter Görlich, Gestapo initiated a criminal proceeding against him in Oct. 1935 read during mass a pastoral letter criticizing the sterilization law as did most Berlin priests
Gustav Görsmann, sent to Dachau 1941, died there Sept. 15, 1942
Franz Goldschmitt, Dachau 1942-45
Walter Gonska, arrested by Gestapo 1943, died in prison 10 mos. later
Sylvester Goor, Franciscan, arrested in 1941 by Gestapo, died 1942
Johann Grabmayr, Dachau 1941-44
Max Graf, died in Dachau on Apr. 25, 1945
Alois Paul Grafenberger, in Dachau 1942-45
Anton Granig, shot to death on Apr. 15, 1945
Jakob Grapp, arrested by the Gestapo in 1942
Felix Gredler, Dachau 1941-42
Paul Gressok, Dachau 1943-45
Georg Gretz, arrested for allowing Poles to worship with Germans
Fr. Grimm, of Graz, Austria beheaded on charges of high treason 1944
Alois Grimm, Jesuit, executed Sept. 11, 1944 in Brandenburg prison
Josef Grimm, shot to death by SS, Apr. 28, 1945, in Götting
Anton Grohmann, died after Jan. 1, 1944 in Praskowitz/Elbe
Hubert Gross, sentenced to 8 mos. in prison in 1937
Max Joseph Grösser, Pallottine, arrested Hamburg 1937, died on March 19, 1940 after many arrests
Fr. Gruber arrested in Jan. 1941 for helping Jews
Johann Gruber, Dachau1940, Mauthausen-Gusen, tortured to death in 1944
Moritz Grübl, under arrest in 1940
Franz-Xaver Guggenberger, arrested Jan. 6, 1940 for radio crime, sent to prison
Otto Günnewich, Dachau 1941, gassed in Hartheim euthanasia facility on Aug. 10, 1942
Bruno Golubski, arrested and held in custody for one week
Paul Guttmann, Mauthausen, Dachau 1944-45
Walter Haacke, taken by Gestapo to Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp 1944, sentenced to 10 yrs. in prison.
Kurt Habich, Dachau 1942-45
Bernhard Hack, held by Gestapo for 4 mos. for distributing copies of Mit brennender Sorge
Christoph Hackethal, sent to Dachau 1941, where he died in Aug. 1942
Georg Häfner, arrested often, sent to Dachau in 1941 where he died in 1942
Joseph Hafner, from Baden, charged with immorality in 1936
Hermann Hahn, Dachau 1941-42
Josef Haller, sent to Natzweiler-Struthof in 1944, Dachau 1944-45
Anton Hamm, Dachau 1945
Alois Haning, arrested in 1939 for baptizing Jews for money
Franz Hanke, his urn was sent back shortly after deported to concentration camp.
Josef Hartinger, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Paul Hartmann, Austrian priest
Robert Hartmann, imprisoned 1942-43, Dachau 1943-45
Josef Hartung, arrested by the Gestapo 1944, Dachau 1944-45
Theodor Hartz, Salesian, sent to Dachau in 1942, where he died Aug. 23, 1942
Oswald Haug, Dachau 1942
Peter Haunstein, Sachsenhausen 1939-40, Dachau 1940-45, criticized regime in sermons
Berthold Haussmann, Jesuit, Dachau 1944-45
Georg Heide, 1935, 8 mos. in prison in Neisse and Berlin
Fr. Heinrichsbauer did not raise the swastika flag
Joseph Heinzel, Jesuit, Dachau 1941-45
Bernhard Heinzmann, Dachau 1941, gassed Aug. 10, 1942, Hartheim euthanasia facility
Titus (Josef) Helde, Salvatorian, put to death in 1945
Joseph Helmus, arrested for sabotaging work, Dachau 1942-45
Theodor Helten, died May 18, 1942 in Sachsenhausen
Friedrich Hemmer, Dachau 1941-42
Peter Hendriks, 1942, 7 mos., then 18 mos. in prison, Dachau 1944-45
Richard Henkes, Pallottine, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1943, where he died Feb. 22, 1945
Heinrich Hennen, Dachau 1942-45
Albert Henny was found guilty of immorality and sentenced to yrs. in prison in 1937
Bernhard Hering, arrested Nov. 7, 1940, incarcerated in Moabit prison
Joseph Herkenrath, radio crime, arrested 1941-42, 18 mos., 4 yrs. in prison
Paul Herr, Franciscan, arrested and charged with treason in Karlsruhe in 1934
Benedikt Hermann, Benedictine, arrested by Nazi secret police in 1938
Franz Herrmann, 1937 Stuhm prison
Johann (Salesius) Hess, Benedictine, Dachau 1941-45
Heinrich Hessing (Augustin), Benedictine, Dachau 1941-45
Gunther Hessner, hanged in Mauthausen 1941
Franz (Gebhard) Heyder, Carmelite, arrested by the Gestapo 1944, sentenced to death, liberated
Eugen (Ernst Reinhard) Hiestand, Benedictine, euthanatized Sept. 28, 1940, Grafeneck
Marcellus (Adolf) Higi, Benedictine, died Nov. 16, 1941, Theresienstadt
Paul (Ludwig) Hiller, Dachau 1941-45, preached about Christian family
Peter Himmler arrested Jan. 6, 1940 for radio crime, sentenced to prison
Walter Hippel, incarcerated 1937-38
Albert Hirsch, died Aug. 22, 1944 in Gollnow Penitentiary, radio crime
Gerhard Hirschfelder, sent to Dachau 1941 where he died in Aug. 1, 1942
Michael Hoeck, Sachsenhausen 1941, Dachau 1941-44
Johann Höfferl, died Nov. 24, 1940 in Mauthausen
Johann Höffert, died in Dachau on Nov. 20, 1940
Walter Hoeft, arrested beginning of World War II, massacred Nov. 10, 1939 Gross Piasnitz
Fr. Hoerhagen sentenced to 1 month in jail in Oct. 1938 for resisting orders
Franz (Emmerich) Hofbauer, Benedictine, arrested by the Gestapo in 1939
Josef (Ernst) Hofbauer arrested by the Gestapo in 1939
Johann Hoffert sent to Dachau 1940 where he soon died
Karl Hoffmann, Dachau 1940, Buchenwald, Dachau 1941-42
Alexander (Korbinian) Hofmeister, Benedictine, arrested Gestapo, 1938 1 month jail, arrested 1943, jailed Munich, Berlin, 1944-45 Dachau
Josef Hofstätter (Theodorich) arrested by the Gestapo in 1940, sentenced to 7 yrs. in prison
Johann Hollnsteiner, Dachau 1938-39
Fr. Holt, Vicar General of the Regensburg diocese arrested 1940
Josef Holubnicek, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau
Friedrich Wolfgang Holzer, Firchtelberg, northern Bavaria, censured for agitating against the state
Leo Hoppe, arrested by the Gestapo for helping a baptized Jewish family
Siegfried Hoppe, East Prussia, under arrest 3 mos. sentenced to 6 mos. in jail in Aug. 1935
Josef Hopper, Dachau 1941-45
Josef Hornauer, imprisoned 1939-40, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Johann Hornböck, sent to Dachau 1941 where he died in 1942
Richard (Walter) Horny, Dachau 1941, 3 yrs. for treachery, prison, then Dachau 1944-45
Franz (Titus) Horten, Dominican, sentenced to 2 yrs. in prison, died 1936 Oldenburg prison
Robert Hermann Joseph Hortmanns, arrested 1941 with 10 priests for radio crime, released 1942
Johann Baptist Huber, died Sept. 13, 1942 after imprisonment in Dachau
Rudolf Hubert, Dachau 1944-45
Bernhard Huerfeld, imprisoned 1943, did not teach Nazi ideas, Dachau 1944-45
Josef Huettl, arrested 1943 for sabotaging Gestapo regulations, Dachau 1943-45
Emil Hurm, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Berthold Hussmann, Jesuit arrested by Nazis
Wilhelm Hunstiger, Aug. 1934 dragged out of rectory, led by a chain through the city, forced to wear banner saying he had buried someone who had committed suicide and refused a church burial for a Nazi storm trooper. Beaten and kicked, later under arrest for some days
Heinrich Huth, Dachau 1940-41
Fr. Illing, Dachau
Albert Immel, sentenced to 1 year’s imprisonment for maliciously attacking Nazi party and state
Franz Iseke, arrested Aug. 4, 1937 by Gestapo, died Jan. 24, 1938
Johannes Jaeger, Dachau 1941-45 for statement about marriage
Lambert Jakisch, Benedictine, 16 wks. under arrest by Gestapo, died afterwards
Anton Jakobs, sentenced to 3½ yrs. of penal servitude in 1936
Tezelin Josef Jaksch, Cistercian, imprisoned 1938-39 in Krummau
Nikolaus Josef Jansen, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Franz Conrad Joannis, sentenced in 1936 to 8 yrs. of penal servitude
Otto Rudolf Jorek, under arrest 1938-39 for spreading atrocity stories, Sachsenhausen 1939-40, Dachau 1940-45
Johannes Jordan, incarcerated 1937-38
Fr. Joren of Stollberg-Muehle, arrested for criticizing the government.
Fr. Josephas, Sachsenhausen concentration camp
Fr. Jourdan, sentenced to 1 year prison in 1937 for leading an attack by Catholic Youth on police
Josef (Konrad) Just, Cistercian, imprisoned 1938, Dachau 1938-39, Buchenwald 1939-40, Dachau 1940-45
Josef Juchta, Sachsenhausen, Dachau, 1940-42
Joseph Juzek, arrested May 9, 1934, criminal proceedings for violation of flag law
Hermann Kagerer, sent to Mauthausen in 1939
Ulrich Kaiser, Dominican, 3 mos. in prison in 1936 for marrying a converted Jew and a Catholic
Johann Kaliga, imprisoned 1936-41, Dachau 1941-45
Leo Kaminski, 1941 Gestapo jail
Friedrich Karas, Dachau Aug. 1941, gassed 1942 in Hartheim euthanasia facility
Ernst Karbaum, beaten to death Dec. 18, 1940 in Stutthof concentration camp
Paul Albert Katscherowski, beaten and tortured, died Oct. 29, 1939
Fritz Keller, arrested several times, sent to Dachau 1941, died May 15, 1943 in Aachen prison
Otto Kemper, 1944-45, Buchenwald
Joseph Kentenich, Pallotine, 4 wks. solitary confinement in the dark 1941, Dachau 1942-45
Fritz Kenter, Dresden, sentenced in 1936 to 2 yrs. in prison for passing on evil Marxist literature
Johannes Kessler, Dachau 1944-45
Bernhard Ketzlick, religious priest Paderborn, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1942-45
Emil Kiesel, Dachau 1940-45
Julian Kilinski, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1939, Dachau 1940-45
August Kilthau, arrested by Gestapo 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Adolf Kimni, Benedictine, Dachau 1944-45
Joseph (Kilian) Kirchhoff, Franciscan, executed Apr. 24, 1944, Brandenburg prison
Ludwig Kirsch, 1935 custody, deported to Sachsenhausen concentration camp
Kassian Kitzmantel, Cistercian, Dachau 1938-39
Joseph Kleinbruckner, Dachau 1938-39
Georg Klemt, confined for 3 ½ wks. in a Gestapo cell in Berlin in 1942
Leopold Klima, Dachau 1941-42
Karl Klinkhammer, sentenced to prison 1933, 1937 for “agitational” and hateful sermons
Bernhard Klodwig, Redemptorist, died violently Feb. 1945 in Gleiwitz, Auschwitz sub-camp
Heribert Eduard Kluger, sent to Dachau, where he died Jan. 18, 1945
Johannes Klumpe, arrested 1941 for defending Jews, Dachau 1941-45
Alois Knecht, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Ludwig Kneidinger, Dachau 1942-45
Josef Knepper, Dachau 1941
Josef-Michael Knichel, arrested July 1943, sentenced to death, saved by air raid, Dachau 1944-45
Theodor Kniebeler, army chaplain, punishment unit in 1942 for preaching against regime
Franz Kocher, under arrest in 1940
Wilhelm Koehler, Dachau 1941, imprisoned Rottenburg 1941-43, 1943-45
Heinrich König, Dachau 1941, where he died June 24, 1942, victim of medical experiments
Josef König, died May 13, 1945 in hospital as a consequence of his arrest
Heinrich Kötter, Dachau 1941-45
Otto Kohler, Dachau 1944-45 for helping an escaped baptized Jew
Stephan Kok, sentenced to one year in jail and fined for illegal currency transactions
Anton Koperek, sent to Dachau in 1942, where he soon died
Amand Kopera, Dachau 1940-45
Anicet Koplinski, Capuchin of German descent, died Oct. 16, 1941 in Auschwitz
Anton Korczok, sent to Dachau in 1940, where he died Feb. 5, 1941
Antonius (Gandulf) Korte, Franciscan, in custody 1944, died in jail during air raid
Johann Kostron, Dachau 1942-45
Karl Kotter, 7 days “protective custody” 1933,
Anton Krähenheide, arrested 1941 because a bishop’s sermon was found, arrested 1942 because of his preaching, Dachau 1942-45
Karl Borromäus Kramer, sentenced on Sept. 2, 1944 to 5 mos. in prison, died in Landsberg prison
Paul Krause, arrested for allowing Pole to worship with Germans
Johann Krawarik, Nazi mob threw into a courtyard breaking both his legs in Vienna in 1938
Joseph Kuchenbecker, imprisoned, a swastika carved on his head, arms smashed
Albin Kudzielka, 1940-45
Ignaz Kühmayer, sentenced to death in 1944, sentence reduced to 10 yrs. imprisonment
Heinrich Kuehnel, imprisoned 1942-44 for speaking against the regime, Dachau 1944-45
Heinrich Kueppers, 1935 8 mos. in jail, 1943 4 mos. in jail on suspicion of high treason, 1944 2 mos. in jail, Dachau 1944-45
Leonhard Kueppers, arrested and murdered for military ministry
Karl Kunkel, Ravensbrück 1944-45, then Dachau
Eberhard Kusin, Capuchin, arrested 1943 for ministering to Germans in Prague, Dachau 1944-45
Anton Kutej (Kuttaj), Dachau in 1940, Mauthausen-Gusen 1940, died in Dachau 1941
Otto Laake, from Neuwalde, shot March 24, 1945
Paul Lachawietz, Dachau 1941-45
Franz Lakomy, Dachau 1941-42
Johann Lampert, sentenced to death in absentia on Apr. 28, 1945
Karl Lampert, Sachsenhausen and Dachau 1940-41, arrested 1943, beheaded Halle, Nov. 13, 1944, radio crime, espionage, subversive activity, aiding the enemy
Johannes Landgraf, Dachau 1942-45
Augustin Lang, killied by fanatical Nazis on May 30, 1941 in Dittersbach
Hermann Lange, beheaded Nov. 1943, radio crime, treasonable offenses
Alois Langhans, Dachau 1940-45
Robert Lauber, died on Dec. 19, 1942
Fr. Lausle, concentration camp for saying mass for the souls of executed communists
Ernst Laws, 1933 protective custody, 1935 incarcerated in Breslau and Berlin
Benoit Ledur, jailed 1942 for helping escaped prisoner of war, Dachau 1943-45
Marcell Leeb, Dachau 1940, then Mauthausen, where injected with poison on Nov. 1
Wilhelm Leffers arrested, sentenced to 18 mos. in prison in Apr. 1935 for discussing Rosenberg’s Mythus with students, again in 1940
Theodor Legge, sentenced to 5 yrs. in prison on charges of exchange smuggling in 1935
Hermann Legler, Dachau 1944-45
Georg Lehmann, imprisoned 1940, 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Johann Leicht, arrested by the Nazis in his bed in Bamberg in June 1933
Karl Leisner, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Josef Leissle, 1934 in Ulm-Kuhberg concentration camp
Anton Lenferding, Dachau 1943-45
Franz Lenz, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Johann Maria Lenz, Jesuit, arrested by the Gestapo in 1938, Mauthausen, Dachau until 1945
Joseph Lenzel, Dachau 1942, where he died July 3, 1942
Nikolaus L’Hoste, house arrest 1938, imprisoned 1939, Dachau 1939, Flossenbürg 1939, Dachau 1940, Mauthausen-Gusen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Bernhard Lichtenberg, died Nov. 5, 1943 in a hospital en route to Dachau
Johannes Lilge, fined for creating a youth group
Fr. Lindemann, Berlin-Moabit, Brandenburg prisons, sentenced to seven yrs. in prison for hostility to the state, endangering the youth
Erich Linhart, Dachau 1941-45
Baltasar Linsinger, under arrest in 1940
Joseph Lodde, sent in 1942 to Dachau, where he died in Feb. 1943
Rudolf Lösch, imprisoned 1940-42, Dachau 1942-45
Franz (Stanislaus) Loh, died March 20, 1941 in Düsseldorf jail hospital
Peter (Raymund) Lohausen, Cistercian, incarcerated Cologne, Dachau 1943-45
Ernst Lohner, died Feb. 29, 1944, Bayreuth Penitentiary
Friedrich Lorenz, O.M.I., arrested Feb. 1943, executed Nov. 13, 1944 for radio crime
Josef Losch, executed Jan. 29, 1945 for sedition, undermining military
Josef Leonissa (Jakob) Lumpe, Capuchin, died Aug. 2, 1944, Marienbad
Gerhard Maashänser, imprisoned 1937, 1942, Buchenwald 1937-39, Dachau 1942-45
Johann Mager, imprisoned 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Fr. Mahlung of Losa, Thuringia, for acting against objectionable Hitler Youth activities
Heinrich Maier, beheaded on March 22, 1945
Johannes Baptist Maier, publicly hanged Apr. 24, 1945
Karl Maierhofer, Dachau 1939, sent to Buchenwald in Aug. 1939
Peter Mair under arrest in 1940
Meinulf von Mallinckrodt, Dachau 1944-45 for opposition to the regime
Petrus Karl Mangold, Franciscan, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he died July 18, 1942
Albert Maring, Jesuit, Sachsenhausen 1941, jails, Dachau from 1942 until death Apr. 8, 1943
Alfons Mark, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1944-45
Joseph (Elpidius) Markötter, Franciscan, Sachsenhausen 1941, Dachau Sept. 1941, died there June 28, 1942
Johannes Marosz, Dachau 1940-44
Karl Matheis, Imsweiler, called a traitor, beaten, bloodied, home wrecked, jailed 8 days June 1933
Paul Mattern, Oct.-Nov. 1939 Gestapo jail
Othmar Mauerer, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he died in 1942
Ferdinand Maurath, Dachau 1941-45
Max Mayer, Mauthausen-Gusen, 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Rupert Mayer, several times in Landsberg prison, Sachsenhausen in 1937, confined to Ettal Monastery 1940-45
Franz Mayr, imprisoned 1940, Dachau 1941-45
Max Mayr, repeated run-ins with the Nazis, Gusen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Josef Mazurowski, Buchenwald, Dachau 1945
Bernhard Mecklenburg, arrested for speaking out about the Jewish issue, Dachau 1943-45
Otto Meckler, arrested Gestapo July 31, 1941, imprisoned beaten, maltreated for 3 wks.
Peter Meierhoff, Flossenbürg concentration camp 1945
Paul Meisel, from 1943-45 under arrest by the Gestapo and in Dachau
Johann Meiwes, convicted of immorality, sentenced to 3 yrs. in prison in 1937
Johannes Melz, Buchenwald 1939-40
Hermann Mencke, arrested Jan. 6, 1940 for radio crime, sentenced to prison
Alfons Mersmann, arrested many times, died on death March from Buchenwald
Matthias Mertens, Dachau 1942-45
Johann Messner, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he died in 1943
Max Josef Metzger, Jesuit, arrested several times, executed for high treason on Apr. 17, 1944
George Meyer, arrested Jan. 18, 1943, beheaded Sept. 25, 1944, Brandenburg-Görden
Josef Meyer, Dachau 1942-45
Wilhelm Meyer, Dachau 1941-45
Franz Michalec, Dachau 1940, Gusen 1940
Karl (Justus) Michel, Franciscan, arrested by Gestapo 1939, Oranienburg, Dachau 1941-43
Heinrich Miesen, Dachau 1944-45
Ludwig Mitterer, executed Nov. 1, 1943 in Brandenburg Prison
Carl-Heinz Möbius, sentenced to death twice, sentences not carried out
Aloys Mohn, under arrest for 3 mos. in 1937
Michael Molecz, arrested by the Gestapo in 1942, sentenced to 4 ½ yrs. in prison
Leonhard (Hugo) Montwe, Capuchin, Dachau 1941-45
Josef Moosbauer, imprisoned 1939, Dachau 1940, Mauthausen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Anton Mühlbauer, imprisoned 1944, Dachau 1944-45
Josef Mühlbeyer, under arrest 1941, Welzheim concentration camp 1941-42, Dachau 1943-45
Fr. Muehlens and several Bavarian Catholic priests arrested in 1933
Adolf Müller, imprisoned in Gollnow, then sent to Dachau in 1942, where he soon died
Eduard Müller, beheaded Nov. 10, 1943 in Hamburg for radio crime
Fr. Mueller, sentenced to five mos. in prison in Apr. 1935
Franz Müller, Dachau 1941-45
Franz Josef Mueller, Jesuit, under arrest 1944-45, 1945 Dachau
Joseph Müller, beheaded Sept. 11, 1944 in Brandenburg prison, told a political joke
Otto Müller, arrested for planning to kill Hitler, died Oct. 12, 1944 in police hospital Berlin-Tegel
Robert Müller, Dachau 1942-45
Albert Muench, Offenbach, arrested 1934, 1936, sentenced 4 mos. in prison, 1938 Gestapo custody
Jakob (Maurus) Münch, Benedictine, arrested 1940, 9 mos. in prison, Dachau 1941-45
Johann Muench, arrested 1937
Emil Muhler, many run-ins with the Nazis starting in 1933, spread atrocity stories about Dachau, Dachau 1944-45
Leopold Muris, imprisoned 1940, 1941, Dachau 1941-45
August Muth, sentenced to 15 mos. in prison in Nov. 1935 for inciting to revolt
Fr. Myr, Mauthausen
Josef Ernst Nachtigall of Burrweiler arrested and jailed in June 1933
Richard Nadolski, arrested twice in 1940
Alois Nadrag, Dachau 1944-45
Karl Graf von Neipperg, Benedictine, arrested 1945
Franz Nemetz, Dachau
Alois Neubauer, of Munich executed Aug. 7, 1944
Karl Neubauer, Dachau 1943
Johann Baptist Neuhäusler, arrested 1933, Sachsenhausen 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Gottfried Neunhäuserer, Benedictine, in 1941 gassed in Hartheim euthanasia facility
Karl Neuhold, under arrest 1938, 1940, 1941, Dachau 1943-45
Richard Neuhold, Dachau 1944, Bergen Belsen 1944
Erich Neumann, May-Sept. 1940 in Gestapo jail in Braunsberg
Johann Baptist Neumair, Dachau 1945, Berlin prison 1945
Josef Neunzig, under arrest 1935, Dortmund prison 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Otto Neururer, Dachau 1939, crucified upside down in Buchenwald May 30, 1940
Josef (Berthold) Niedermoser, Cisterician, Dachau 1942-45
Josef Nikodemus, arrested Oct. 14, 1943, imprisoned in Mainz and Berlin
Erhard Nirschl, arrested police 1945, Gestapo 1945, Dachau 1945
Adolf Nolewaika, imprisoned 1940, Dachau 1941-45
Josef Nowak, Dachau 1940-45
Stefan Nowotny, imprisoned, Dachau 1944-45
Wilhelm Oberhaus, 1936 sentenced to 5 mos., 1941 6 mos., died in Dachau Sept. 20, 1942
Johannes Obernüfemann, died Aug. 10, 1944 in Mauthausen
Heinrich Oenning, Dachau 1941, freed 1942
Carl Oesterreicher, Dachau
Franz Ohnmacht, Buchenwald 1939, Dachau 1938-39, 1940-43
Joseph Olbertz, arrested 1942, imprisoned 1943-44, Dachau 1944-45
Heinrich Olczak, died Apr. 1, 1940 in Mauthausen
Josef Olczak, 1940-41 Dachau
Leo Olschewski, Gestapo jail, then Dachau in 1941, where he died in Aug. 11, 1942
Adam Ott, Dachau 1941-45
Johann Ott, died Sept. 28, 1943 in Munich prison
Johann (Hans) Jakob Otto, Dachau 1943-45
Alois Otzipka, Dachau 1941-45
Wladislaus Paszki, 1939 Sachsenhausen
Alfred Pattloch, died in 1943 in Rudig
Anton Pauk, sentenced to 15 mos. in prison for listening to Vatican Radio
Josef Franz Paul, arrested by the Gestapo in 1940
Alois Pawlus, imprisoned 1943-45
Augustin Pazdziora, sent to Dachau in 1940, then to Gusen, where he died
Clemens Pereira, Jesuit, Dachau 1944-45
Josef Johannes Peters, Dachau 1943-45
Joseph Martin Peters, executed July 1, 1943 in Berlin-Plötzensee prison
Friedrich Karl Petersen, arrested by Gestapo Feb. 12, 1943, died Nov. 7, 1944 in Dachau
Jakobus Pfaettisch, abbot of Plankstetten, Bavaria, arrested by Nazi secret police in 1938
Franz (Gottfried) Pfaff, arrested by the Gestapo in 1939
Hugo Pfeil, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Wilhelm Pflüger, police arrest 1939, in custody 1939-40, police arrest 1942, Dachau 1944-45
Josef Pichl, imprisoned 1940-42, Dachau 1942-45, listening to Vatican Radio
Konrad Pickmeier, arrested 1935, Berlin-Moabit, arrested 1940, in various prisons, Gorka concentration camp
Wilhelm (Johannes Kapistran) Pieller, Franciscan, shot to death Apr. 15, 1944
Josef Pieper, tried 1935, 1937, 1939, 1944, Dachau 1944-45
Otto Pies, Jesuit, in Dachau 1941-45
Bruno Pietsch, Franciscan, incarcerated 1941-44 for listening to Vatican Radio
Franz Pingel, incarcerated in 1935-36 in Breslau and Berlin
Josef Pinzenöhler, arrested by the Gestapo in 1943 sentenced to 4 yrs. in prison
Franz Plail, Dachau 1941-42
Josef Plangger, imprisoned 1941, Buchenwald 1941-1942, Dachau 1942-45
Theodor Plewa, Dachau 1944-45
Reinhold Plohberger, Cistercian priest, arrested Gestapo in 1940, sentenced to 8 yrs. in prison
Johann Ploner, arrested May 4, 1944, Dachau 1944-45
Vinzent Plonka, arrested Feb. 14, 1943, sentenced to 7 yrs. in prison in Halle, Torgau and Bützow, freed 1945
Bernhard Poether, arrested 1939, repeatedly tortured in Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1941, where he died from starvation and torture on Aug. 5, 1942
Waldemar Pohley, Dachau 1942
Wilhelm Poiess, Pallotine, arrested by Gestapo 1942, Dachau 1944-45
Joseph (Edmond) Pontiller, Benedictine, beheaded Feb. 9, 1945 for radio crime
Johann Porubsky, arrested 1943, Dachau May 1, 1944-45
Rudolf Posch, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Johannes Prassek, beheaded for radio crime Nov. 10, 1943
Franz Xaver Prinz, Jesuit, arrested for two sermons 1940, Welsheim concentration camp 1940
Robert Pruszkowski, jail in Allenstein, Dachau 1940, Buchenwald 1940, Dachau 1941-45
Hermann Quack, Dachau 1942-45
Karl Quass, imprisoned 1940-43, Dachau 1943-45
Robert Quiskamp, died July 29, 1943 in Paderborn
Gerhard Josef Radecke, Dachau 1942-45
Franz Radtke, denounced Feb. 1935 for speaking against sterilization
Karl Rähs, Dachau
Josef Raggl, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1942-45
Robert Rainfurth, imprisoned 1939-43, Dachau 1943-45
Karl Rass, imprisoned 1942, 1944, Dachau 1944-45
Florian (Gebhard) Rath, Cistercian, arrested by the Gestapo in 1940, sentenced to 10 yrs. in prison
Engelbert Rehling, arrested 1941 for pacifist talk, imprisoned Münster 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Hubert Reichelt, died Feb. 1938
Franz Reinisch, Pallottine, conscientious objector beheaded Aug. 21, 1942 in Brandenburg prison
Fritz Remy, Sachsenhausen, Dachau 1940-44
Karl Renner, sentenced to prison
Josef Retzer, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Joseph Reukes, jailed in Münster in 1941 for political Catholicism and praying for Jews, Sachsenhausen 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Josef Reuland, arrested in 1942, imprisoned in Werl, Münster, Essen and Bochum
Everhard Richarz, arrested 1939, incarcerated Cologne and Berlin-Moabit,
Hermann Richarz, Dachau 1942-45
Heinrich Richter, arrested 1944, died Apr. 1945 in Buchenwald
Johann Riederick, 6 mos. in prison, disparaging remarks about the Nazi salute
Winfried Ernst (Bonifatius) Riedel, Benedictine, Dachau 1942-45
Paul Riedmatter, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1944-45
Franz Riepe, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he died Aug. 13, 1942
Johannes Ries, arrested and tried several times, died in Dachau Jan. 4, 1945
Andreas Rieser, from 1938-45 incarcerated in Salzburg, Munich, Dachau, Buchenwald, Dachau
Albert Riesterer, Dachau 1941-45, ignored Gestapo prohibition to return to parish
Hans Rindermann, Dachau 1941-45
Ludwig Ritzi, in Gestapo custody in June 1934, interrogated several times and beaten
Benedikt Rodach, Dachau 1941-45
Albrecht Roeder, from Speyer, under arrest for 6 mos. in 1944
Heinz Robert Roemer, arrested by Gestapo 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Augustinus Roesch, Jesuit, imprisoned Dachau, Berlin 1944-45, freed before execution
Maximilian Rösler, shot Feb. 14, 1945
Albert Rogaczewski, died March 16, 1944, Buchenwald
Martin Rohrmeier, Dachau 1941-45
Josef Rohrmoser, imprisoned 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Franz Rolle, tried for libeling Hitler, Rosenberg and von Schirach in Nov. 1935.
Fr. Rooser, arrested 1936 for treasonable activities
Franz Rosch, protective and police detainment 1940
Josef Rossaint, sentenced in 1937 to 11 yrs. in the penitentiary
Josef Rossberger, arrested in 1933, tortured for 7 days, sentenced to 8 mos. in prison
Josef Rossmann, arrested Jan. 1934, subversive behavior
Johannes Roth, Sachsenhausen, Dachau 1940-43
Leonhard Roth, Dominican, imprisoned 1941-43 in Cologne, Dachau 1943-45
Johannes Rothe, arrested 1939, 1940 Sachsenhausen, Dachau 1940-43
Joseph Ruess, arrested in Aug. 1935 and brought to trial for anti-Nazi remarks
August Ruf, sentenced to 6 mos. in prison in 1943 for helping Jewess escape, died Apr. 8, 1944 in Freiburg, as a result of his imprisonment
Johann Ruggenthaler, arrested by the Gestapo in 1938 and 1944.
Heinrich Rupieper, arrested and tried 1934, imprisoned, Dachau 1942-45
Benedikt Sagner, died Jan. 14, 1945 in Diez Penitentiary
Karl Sailer, 1940 Welzheim concentration camp
Hess Sales (Johann) Benedictine, Dachau 1941-45
Otto Sass, jailed in June 1933 for attacking the political regime
Franz Sattelmann, Kislau concentration camp 1935, then sentenced to 9 mos. in prison
Carl Henry Sauer, arrested in 1941, sentenced to three yrs. in prison
Jakob (Evarist) Sauer, Capuchin, arrested 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Josef Valentin Sauermann, East Prussia, sentenced four mos. in jail in Aug. 1935
Adam Schäfer, died Dec. 19, 1941
Peter Schafer, sent to Dachau in 1940, where he died in 1941
Wilhelm Schamoni, arrested 1939, 1940, Dachau 1940, Buchenwald 1940, Dachau 1941-45
August Scharnowski, 1941, 18 mos. in prison in Stuhm
Joseph Scheffen, arrested and imprisoned in 1942, 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Konrad Scheffler, Dachau 1944-45
Franz Scheider, Dachau 1941-45
Hermann Scheipers, arrested Oct. 1940, ministered to Polish forced laborers, Dachau 1941-45, enemy of the state
Georg Schelling, Dachau 1938, Buchenwald 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Martin Schelpers, Dachau 1941-45
Franz-Xaver Scherer, sent to Dachau in 1942, where he soon died
Michael (Gerhard) Scherer, Cistercian, under arrest 6 mos. 1939, 1943 prison, for radio crime, died 1944 from mistreatment
Johann Scherling, Dachau 1941-42
Franz Scherrer, arrested 1942, held by the Gestapo for four mos.
Josef Scherübel, Dachau 1942-43
Anton Schiess, sent to Dachau in 1942, where he soon died
Arnold (Martin) Schiffer, Benedictine, 1942 Koblenz prison, Dachau 1942-45
Josef Schitter, Dachau 1944-45
Victor Schiwek, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he soon died
Peter Josef Schlicker, died Apr. 19, 1942 after Dachau
Bruno Schliep, 1940 Stutthof concentration camp
Franz (Wilhelm) Schlössinger, Dominican, died Oct. 3, 1941 under arrest by the Gestapo
Otto Schlüsener, 1941 1 year in prison
Johann Schmalzl, arrested 1940, imprisoned 1941-42, Dachau 1942-45
Laurenz Schmedding, Dachau 1943-45
Johannes Schmidl, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he died in June 23, 1942
Joseph Schmidlin, died Jan. 1944, Schirmeck concentration camp Alsace
Benedict Schmidt, of Württemberg, sentenced to 9 mos. imprisonment in Aug. 1935
Bruno Schmidt, Jesuit, imprisoned 1942-44, Dachau 1944-45
Eduard Schmidt, sentenced to 16 mos. in prison in 1939 for slandering Hitler
Joseph Schmidt, three mos. in prison for disrespect of the swastika
Karl Schmidt, imprisoned 1939 for suspicions about German-Soviet friendship, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Richard Schmidt, Dachau, imprisoned 1940, Auschwitz, Dachau 1942-45
Wilhelm Schmidt, served with a summons, arrest warrant issued in Austria 1938
Hermann Josef Schmitt, Dachau, 1944-45
Jakob Schmitt, imprisoned 1941, Dachau 1942-45
Johann Peter Schmitt, arrested 1940, Hamburg, Moabit, Sachsenhausen, Dachau 1940-45
Josef Schmiz, sentenced to 3 mos. in prison in 1933
Jakob Schneider, Dachau 1944-45
Richard Schneider, arrested by Gestapo 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Heinrich Schniers, arrested 1941, died in Dachau Aug. 1942
Max Schnura, 10 wks. in Gestapo prison in 1942 for helping Jewish convert with medical bills
Franz Schobesberger, imprisoned 1941-42, Dachau 1942-45
Roman Karl Scholz, arrested 1940, held in 11 prisons before beheaded May 10, 1944
Reinhold Scholz, imprisoned 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Alois Scholze, Dachau 1941-42, where he was murdered
Benno Scholze, Dachau 1941-45
Albert Schonharp, sentenced to 6 mos. in prison in 1938 for talking wildly against Hitler
Karl Schrammel, Dachau 1941-44, killed in Buchenwald on Feb. 5, 1945
Joseph Schröder, tried in Frankenthal in 1937
Johann Schroffner, Dachau 1939, murdered, Buchenwald 1940
Adam Schrull, Münster, sentenced to three mos. in jail in 1935
Augustinus Franz Schubert, Augustinian Hermit, died July 28, 1942, Dachau
Bruno Schubert, jailed at Gestapo station Alexanderplatz, where he died in 1937
Heinrich Schulte, Pallotine imprisoned in Frankfurt, Darmstadt 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Josef Schulte, Pallottine, Dachau
Aloys Schulz, sentenced to jail term of 8 mos. in Aug. 1935
Johannes Schulz, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, died of starvation Aug. 19, 1942 in Dachau
Wenzel Schulz, Dachau
Aloys Schulze, Dachau from 1941 until died of starvation Sept. 1, 1942
Joseph Schultes, sentenced June 7, 1939 to 5 yrs. in prison
Herman Schumacher, Dachau 1943-45
Emil Schumann, imprisoned in Münster 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Otto Schuster, sent to Dachau in 1942, sent to his death 1942
Theodor (Gregorius) Schwake Benedictine, arrested 1943, imprisoned in Linz, Dachau 1944-45
Johann Michael Schwall, Dachau 1941-45
Anton Schwarz, Dachau 1940-41
Josef Schwarz, Dresden arrested June 1935, sent to Sachsenhausen concentration camp
Karl Schwenk, incarcerated in 1941, died Aug. 4, 1941
Bernhard Schwentner, beheaded in Fall 1944 in Brandenburg prison
Johann Schwingshackl, Jesuit, died in 1945 before death sentence was carried out
Placidus (Franz) Sczygiel, Franciscan, died Dec. 11, 1943 in Dachau
Otto Sedlmeyer, Vicar General of Hildesheim, sentenced to 5 yrs. in prison in Oct. 1935
Johann Seelig, Dachau 1943-45
Alexander Seewald, Dachau 1940, Mauthausen-Gusen 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Edelfried (Alfred) Seibold, Benedictine, sentenced to imprisonment in May 1942
Friedrich Seitz, Mauthausen-Gusen, 1940, Dachau 1940-45
Josef Seitz, Dachau 1942
Johann Seiwert, Pallotine, imprisoned 1935-36 Limburg, Oranienburg, Berlin-Moabit, Plötzensee, Brandenburg
Heinrich Selhorst, arrested 1939, Dachau 1942-45
Erich Selzle, Mauthausen and Dachau 1937-45
Matthias Semeliker, arrested by the Gestapo in 1943, sent to Dachau, survived
Franz Seraphim, Vicar General of the diocese of Dessau, arrested 1935
Wilhelm Servos, arrested in Aug. 1935 for bringing two newspapers into Germany
Franz Siebner, from Liebenau, shot 1945
Josef (Laurentius) Siemer, Dominican, in custody 1935, sentenced to 15 mos. in prison in 1936, in hiding after 1944
Franz Simmerstätter, Salzburg, 1939-40 in prison
Herbert Simoleit, executed Nov. 13, 1945 in Halle penitentiary, radio crime
Alois Simon, Franciscan, sentenced to 18 mos. in prison in 1935
Alois Sindler, imprisoned 1939, Dachau 1941-45
Stephan Singer, arrested at the age of 70, Oranienburg, Dachau
Fr. Sinnigen, general secretary of the Dominican Council of Superiors arrested in 1935 in Berlin
Johann Nepomuk Smolik, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he died in Aug. 26, 1942
Alfons Sobierajczyk, Sachsenhausen, Dachau where he died on May 21, 1941
Bronislaus Sochaczewski, died May 13, 1940 in Sachsenhausen
Georg Sollacher, arrested, sentenced to 5 mos. in prison in 1934, for atrocity stories about Dachau
Josef Sommer, Dachau 1940
Johannes Sonnenschein, arrested and imprisoned in 1942, Dachau 1942-45
Wilhelm Paul Soppa, Vicar General diocese of Meissen, sentenced to three yrs. in prison
Fr. Sovedsberg, Dachau
Mathias Spannlang, crucified upside down in Buchenwald on June 5, 1940
Walter Sparber, imprisoned 1939, 1940 Sachsenhausen, Dachau 1940-45
Anton Spieker, died March 9, 1941, Central Prison Bochum
Josef Spieker, Jesuit, arrested 1934, 1935-37 interned Börgermoor concentration camp, Tempelhofer Feld, Cologne, Wittlich
Hans Spielmann, arrested by Gestapo Nov. 24, 1943, imprisoned until Aug. 30, 1944
Anton Spies, imprisoned 1941-43, died in Dachau in Apr. 1945
Ludwig Spiessl, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Auguste Spitz, imprisoned 1942, Dachau 1943-45
Franz Xaver Spitzauer, Jesuit, Dachau 1945
Gustav Spitzig, Benedictine, arrested 1939, Dachau 1944-45
Walter (Alfons) Spix, died in Dachau Aug. 9, 1942
Rudolf Springer, arrested by the Gestapo in 1939
Richard Stachnik, 1937 6 mos. in prison, arrested by Gestapo, sent to concentration camp 1944
Wilhelm Stadniczuk, Dachau 1941-45
Anton Stahl, Dachau 1944-45
Josef Stahl, Dachau, 1943-45
Hermann Stammschröer, arrested July 31, 1941 for reading a bishop’s sermon Dachau 1941-45
Fr. Stange, arrested
Josef Stangl, Dachau 1940-45
Franz Stappers, died March 25, 1945 in Lüttringhausen penitentiary
Alois Starker, Dachau 1943-45
Franz Stattelmann, Kislau concentration camp 1935, then sentenced in 1936 to 9 mos. in prison
Adolf Staudacher, sentenced to 3 mos. in prison in Jan. 1936, prison 1941-42, Dachau 1942-45
Karl (Hartmann) Staudacher, Franciscan, arrested by the Gestapo in 1943
Viktor Steffek arrested by the Gestapo in 1944
Andreas Stein, Dachau 1944-45
Johann Steinbock, arrested by Gestapo 1941, Dachau 1942-45
Heinrich Steiner, imprisoned 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Karl Steiner, Dachau
Bernhard (Leovigill) Steinhoff, Franciscan, sentenced 1936 to 8 yrs. of penal servitude for immorality, Buchenwald, Dachau 1945
Oswald Steiniger, arrested in 1943
Josef Steinkelderer, arrested 1938, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Johann Steinmayr, Jesuit, arrested 1940, 1943, executed Berlin-Brandenburg Sept. 18, 1944
Alfred Steinmeier, beheaded for high treason in 1944
Eduard Angelus Steinwender, Franciscan, executed by shooting on Apr. 15, 1944
Fr. Steinwender, taken into custody, struck in the face, in 1938
Bernhard Stempfle, deported to Dachau, his body was found in the woods near Munich July 1, 1934
Fr. Stender sentenced in 1933 in Nordhausen to one month in prison
Daniel von Stettin, arrested Feb. 14, 1943
Heinrich Stieglbauer, sent to Dachau in 1942, where he died in 1943
August Stoecker, sentenced in Dortmund to prison in Aug. 1933
Josef Stoeger, 1933, 1934 in custody, criticized the government, encounters 1937, 1941
Fr. Stoger, arrested in 1934
Gerhard Storm, Dachau from July 1942 until his death in Aug. 1942
Franziskus Stratmann, Dominican pacifist, arrested in July 1933
Willibald Strohmeyer, shot to death by SS on Apr. 22, 1945 for no reason
Augustin Strohsacker, Benedictine, arrested by the Gestapo in 1939
Karl Strumpf, Dominican, imprisoned 1943-45, Dachau 1945
Fr. Sturm, arrested in Jan. 1934, concentration camp for mass for executed communists
Josef Sturm, in custody 1934 opposition to the regime
Richard Sturm, 1938, mistreated, rectory stormed
Joseph Styp-Rekowski, Dachau 1940-45
Sigmund Sudik, arrested 1940 by the Gestapo
Walter Süssenbeck, sentenced to 3 yrs. imprisonment for listening to the London radio
Heinrich Summereder, Dachau in 1940, where he died in 1943
Coelestin Heinrich Svoboda, twice under arrest by Gestapo, died 1943 as a result of arrest
Franz Szczygiel, Franciscan, Buchenwald, sent to Dachau in 1942, where he died in 1943
Hugo Szinsczetski, 1937, 30 mos. in prison
Anastasius Szudzinski, imprisoned 1939, 1940, Dachau 1941-45
Wladyslaw Szymanski, Danzig, arrested by SS Sept. 1, 1939, shot March 22, 1940 in Stutthof concentration camp
Friedrich Szymeczek, sent to Auschwitz on Nov. 29, 1943, executed for high treason
Johann Tanzer, imprisoned 1942-43, Dachau 1943-45
Josef Taska, Gestapo arrest 1939-40, Skrochwitz concentration camp 1940
Oskar Thaler, 3 mos. in prison in 1934, spreading atrocity stories about Dachau
Josef Thalhammer, arrested 1938, several wks. arrest 1941
Alois Theissen, imprisoned 1940, Dachau 1941-45
Johann Thema, Dachau 1941-45
Emil Thoma, Dachau 1941-45
Hermann Töpfer, arrested Oct. 19, 1939, Innsbruck, died in prison March 6, 1940
Konrad Trageser, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he died Jan. 1942
Ferdinand Trentinalglia, Jesuit, arrested by the Gestapo in 1944, sentenced to 1 ½ yrs. in prison
Josef Triendl, Capuchin, Dachau 1943-45
Hubert (Ernst) Trompeter arrested 1941, Dachau 1941-45
Albert Trüby, imprisoned 1940-41, Dachau 1941-45
Johannes Ude, exiled from home province by the Nazis for openly criticizing the persecution of Jews during Kristallnacht, imprisoned 1944-45, nearly starved to death in prison
Wilhelm Uhlig, Dachau 1943, where he died in March 1, 1945
Karl Ulitzka, Dachau 1944-45
Franz Ulrich, Dachau 1942-45
Reinhold (Johannes) Unterberg, imprisoned in Paderborn 1939, then Bielefeld police prison, died May 23, 1940 in Sachsenhausen concentration camp
Hubert (Engelmar) Unzeitig died in Dachau March 2, 1945
Johannes (Reinhold) Unterberg, died May 23, 1940 in Sachsenhausen
Paul Ludwig Urban, imprisoned 1940, Dachau 1940, Buchenwald 1940, Dachau 1941-45
Wilhelm (Basilius) Urbaschek, Benedictine, prayed for arrested Fr. Reidel, Dachau 1942-45
Martin Utsch, fined and sentenced to four yrs. imprisonment in 1935 in Berlin
Franz Vaahssen, arrested June 29, 1944, died Oct. 2, 1944 in hospital
Hermann Vell, imprisoned in Münster, Kassel, Weimar, Nuremberg, Dachau, Berlin-Moabit, Potsdam, Brandenburg, sentenced to death, freed by Soviet army
Josef Vehrniak, Dachau
Johannes Verweyen, died March 21, 1945 in Bergen-Belsen
Hyazinth (Ottmar) Vey, died Sept. 15, 1937, Brandenburg prison
Adalbert Vogl, executed by shooting Apr. 28, 1945 in Altötting
Gustav Albert Vogt, arrested 1940, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he died in July 1942
Georg (Meinrad) Vonderheide, Franciscan, taken to concentration camp in 1936
Joseph Voortmans, arrested 1942, Dachau 1942-45
Franz Vorwerk dragged from home by the Gestapo, exiled because Bishop von Galen displeased the Nazis
Alois Vranik, Sudetenland, Dachau 1944-45
Alfons Maria Wachsmann, beheaded Feb. 21, 1944, radio crime
Friedrich Wagner, Benedictine, Dachau 1941
Augustin Wagner, arrested Apr. 28, 1945, shot back of the neck by SS
Johann Wagner, Dachau
Hubert Wahlen, 3 mos. in Stutthof concentration camp in 1944 for baptizing a Jewess
Josef Wallouschek, Dachau 1941-45
Adolf Waloszek, 1939 Buchenwald, 1940-45 Dachau
Paul Wasmer, imprisoned 1940-44, Dachau 1944-45
Willibald Wanger, sentenced in 1934 to 6 mos. in prison
Erwin Wasserback, Austrian priest arrested and expelled from Germany in June 1933
Gregor Watschle, sentenced to $60 fine or 10 days in jail for insulting a Nazi newspaper
Maximilian Wdowczyk, Sachsenhausen 1940, Dachau 1940-41
Wilhelm Weber, imprisoned 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Hermann Josef Wehrle, hanged Sept. 14, 1944 in Berlin-Plötzensee
Hermann Joseph Wehrhahn, Sachsenhausen 1939, Dachau 1940-42
Bruno Weichsel 1935, incarcerated for 5 ½ mos. in Breslau, 30 mos. in Stuhm
Konrad Weigand, Dachau 1941-42
Eugen Weiler, Dachau 1942-45
Jakob Weinbacher, Cardinal Innitzer’s secretary, arrested several times, Dachau 1940
Ferdinand Weinberger, sentenced to 2 ½ yrs. in prison
Franz Weinmann, Dachau 1942-45
Karl Weiss, Dachau 1942-45
Franz Weissl, Aug. 8, 1938-Apr. 21, 1939 in Dachau
Raimund Weissensteiner, arrested by the Gestapo in 1943
Rudolf Wendolsky, imprisoned 1942, Dachau 1942-45
Emmerich Wenger, Dachau 1940-44
Bernhard Wensch, Oranienburg, Dachau 1941 until death Aug. 15, 1942
Hermann Joseph Werhahn, Sachsenhausen 1939, Dachau 1940-42
Hermann Josef Wehrle, hanged Sept. 14, 1944 in the prison of Plötzensee in Berlin
Alban Wertheim, Dachau 1943-45
August Wessing, 1942-45 in Dachau, where he died March 4, 1945
Bernhard von Wiecki, arrested by SS Sept. 1, 1939, shot Stutthof concentration camp Jan. 11, 1940
Johann Baptist Wiedenmann, Jesuit, arrested by Gestapo 1944, Dachau 1945
Anton Wielinski, sent to Dachau in 1942, where he died the same year
Leopold Wiemker, imprisoned 1939, Dachau 1940-45
Franz Wihan, arrested in 1939, died March 10, 1940 in Sternberg concentration camp
Fr. Wildenberg, Vicar General of Würzburg arrested Fall 1935
Franz Wilhelm, Benedictine, Dachau 1941-45
Kurt Willig, Dachau 1942-45, distributed Bishop von Galen’s sermons and other literature, statements on behalf of Jews
Albert Willimsky, denounced Aug. 1935 for reading a pastoral letter that included challenges to the sterilization law, in prison 1938-39, died Feb. 22, 1940 in Sachsenhausen
Ernst Wilm, Dachau 1942-45
Dominik Willner, Dachau 1943-45
Rudolf Wilmsen, fined, sentenced in Berlin to 3 yrs. imprisonment in 1935
Johannes Wimmer, Pallotine arrested by Gestapo 1943, Dachau 1944-45
Franz Winkler arrested in 1942, sentenced to 18 mos. in prison
Johann Evangelist Winkler, shot to death Apr. 24, 1945
Joseph Winter, Dachau 1943-45
Albert Wirth, SS decided to kill him, but he escaped
Valentin Witek, sentenced to prison
Maximilian Witt, died July 20, 1942 in Dachau
Clemens Wittelsbach, arrested many times by Gestapo, in 1936 sentenced to 13 mos. in prison
Joseph Witthaut, 1944 in prison, Dachau 1944-45
August (Paulus) Wörndl, Carmelite, beheaded in June 1944
Franz Wöss, Dachau 1938, 1941-45
Edmund Wohlfeil, shot Nov. 11, 1939 as a potential resistant to Nazi occupation of Poland
Robert Wohlfeil, arrested 1939, Stutthof 1940, died Sachsenhausen June 13, 1940
A Wohlmuth, Dachau
Georg Wohlmuth, arrested June 30, 1933 imprisoned for 6 days in Eichstätt
Peter Wolf, Cistercian, Dachau 1941-45
Leo Bernhard Wolfen, arrested by the Gestapo in March 1937 as priest at St Anno in Siegburg
Ludwig Wolker, arrested Feb. 1936 on a charge of high treason
Johannes Baptist Wolpert, run-ins with the police and the Gestapo in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1943
Johann Nepomuk Womes, Gestapo jail in Karlsbad 1940, Dachau 1941-45
Ludwig Wrzol, died Sept. 30, 1940 in Mauthausen
Fr. Würl, imprisoned 1939, Sachsenhausen 1939-40, Dachau 1940-45
Bernhard Wüste, Sachsenhausen 1941-42, Dachau 1942-45
Alfons Ottokar Zadrazil, Augustinian hermit, arrested 1943 for radio crime and executed 1945
Rudolf Zeichen, Dachau 1944-45
Josef Zeininger, arrested Feb. 17, 1943, sentenced to death, liberated Apr. 6, 1945
Franz Zeman, Dachau 1942-45
Franz Zeuch, Dachau 1942
Gustav Zeyer, in Gestapo custody 1944-45, 1945 Welzheim concentration camp
Jakob Anton Ziegler, sent to Dachau in 1941, where he died in May 12, 1944
Johann Ziesch, Dachau 1941-45
Josef Zilliken, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, Dachau in 1940, starved to death there Oct. 3, 1942
Johannes Zimmermann, Mauthausen, Dachau 1941-45
Otto Zimmerman, of Stuttgart, sentenced to 4 mos. in prison in 1935
Fr. Zinefer [probably Fr. Zinnser], beaten to death by Nazis in June 1933
Eduard Zinsser, struck dead by SA June 11, 1933
Heinrich (Dionysius) Zöhren, Capuchin, sent to Dachau in 1941, died there Feb. 3, 1943
Viktor Zmiejewski, incarcerated in 1937 for treachery
Stanislaus Zuske, to Dachau 1939, gassed Sept. 4, 1942 at Hartheim euthanasia facility