The Roots and Flowers of Evil in Baudelaire, Nietzsche, and Hitler

Chicago: Open Court, 2005

Table of Contents


Au Lecteur

Part One, From Theory…

Baudelaire, Nietzsche, Hitler, and Theories

"From a Common Root…"

The Roots of Moral Values for Nietzsche

Beyond Good and Evil

On Blonde Beasts and Übermenschen

The Reversal of Values and the Specter of Contradiction

Baudelaire on Bludgeoning the Poor

Born for Evil

For a Race of Masters and Conquerors

The Victory of the "Better and Stronger"

Neither Marx

… nor Jesus

Nietzsche's Theories about Sick People

On Fostering the Strongest and the Healthiest

Hitler's Theories about Idealism in Mein Kampf

The "Idealization" of Humanity

On Torpor and Turpitude

The Intoxication of Beauty and Art

The Devil

The Magical Powers of Words

Stripping Truth of its Authority and Power

Vice, Crime, and Beauty

Jung on the Sight of Evil

Guilty of Realism?

Behind the Masks

Carl Jung's Diagnosis of Hitler and Nazism

Part Two, …To Reality.

Making Action the Sister of One's Dreams

Of The Pen and the Sword

Imagining Adolf Eichmann

Setting Aside Aesthetics

A Soul Powerful in Crime

Awakening Latent Tendencies in Society

Civilization and its Discontents

Unleashing Pent-up Desires

On the Fulfilment of Long Present Desires

"The Show", by Wilfred Owen

Horror Replaces the Romance of Battle

The "Hidden Power of Evil" Released

Expressing Primitivity, Violence, and Cruelty

The Use of Terror

A Satisfied Torturer


Destroying One's Own

Weeding Out People

Cleansing Society by Destroying "Useless" Lives

Sick, Weak Men

Jung on the Sentiment of Inferiority

Racism and Slaughter

Mass Executions


Beyond Good and Evil?

Baudelaire's Meditation on a Corpse

Meditating on Piles of Corpses

Part Three: From Reality to Theory

From Reality to Theory

What Experience Has Taught Proponents of Nonviolence

Mikhail Gorbachev on Going From Theory to Reality and From Reality to Theory

The Reality of Power in the Nuclear Age

Attacking with the Truth

Sowing the Seeds of One's Own Destruction

Breeding Lilacs Out of Dead Ground

Applying Social Pressure to Revolutionize Social Ideas

Planting Lethal Seeds

Curbing the Power of Evildoers Through Nonviolent, Non-cooperation with Evil

A Creative Force in the Universe

Limning the True and Ultimate Structure of Reality

Tolstoy on Undermining the Entire Existing Order of the World

Tolstoy on Penetrating the Essence of the Human Soul

Tolstoy and King Contra Nietzsche

Freud on the Impossibility of Eradicating Evil

Freud on Reality and Religion

Gandhi Contra Hitler

The Power of Self-sacrifice

Hitler on Combating Spiritual Ideas by Violent Means

Nietzsche on the Power of the Ascetic Ideal

The Powerless Declare War

Torturing People's Consciences