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About the Ortiz, Delgado, Larragoite, Valdes, Velarde, Garcia, Valencia, Barbero, Hill, Nichols, Wilson, Ward, and Lester Families of New Mexico

"...no llores por tu Pancho, Porque fue al Rancho...."

Frank Valencia Ortiz and Claire at Rancho Pancho in October 1980

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Writings of Claire Ortiz Hill

Work in Progress

Thus Spoke Pius XI, Thus Spoke Pius XII A list of nearly 2,500 newspaper articles from the 1930s and 1940s documenting the Catholic Church's opposition to Nazism and anti-semitism. The articles are mostly from The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Times of London and Time Magazine, The Jewish Criterion, Palestine Post, Ohio Jewish Chronicle, The Jewish Chronicle (UK), Jewish Chicago Sentinel, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, along with numerous articles from Australian newspapers of the time. Updated February 2019. These are going into the making of four books on the subject to be published by Lexington Books.

Juozapas Skvireckas (1873-1959) Lithuanian Archbishop of Kaunas (1926-1959) Information about his defense of Jews from Nazi-era Jewish sources.

List of Some German, Austrian Priests and Western European Catholic Bishops Arrested or Harmed by the Nazis with a picture of Fr. Jacques Sommet, Jesuit, drawn by a monk in Dachau!! Updated November 27, 2020.


America! Don't You know Me? I'm Your Native Son: Geronimo The Controversial Campaign to Repatriate the Remains of America's Most Famous Warrior to His Homeland
by Carlos Melendrez
Available from Amazon.com

Giovanni Maria de Agostini, Wonder of  the Century: The Astonishing World  Traveler
Who Was A Hermit
by David G. Thomas, published in the Mesilla Valley History Series, Las Cruces NM, Doc45 Publishing,  2014, 208 pages, $14
About the hermit fostered by the New Mexico Delgado Family

Here is an exceptional Open Access PDF ebook by David Marans.
It is well researched, wide ranging, yet easy to digest.
(It is only $20, all of which goes to Doctors Without Borders.)
Logic Gallery

New Book by Armando Rendón: Up to Earth, An Ecopoesy Chapbook

Sol, Sombra, y la Tierra, autobiographical trilogy by Adelina Ortiz de Hill. Available from Amazon.com

In Memory

Dolores Ortiz (1925-2013) and daughter Christina Elissa Tsehai Ortiz (1954-2019) Engagement announcement and account of Dolores' wedding to Frank V. Ortiz! Two pictures of mother and daughter and an account of Tina's baptism! Dolores' obituary from the Santa Fe New Mexican.

In Memory of Roger Schmidt (d. April 30, 2018)

In Memory of Harriet Blume (1932-2018)

In Memory of Alfred D. C. Ortiz y Delgado (1930- April 5, 2018)

Francis Kaplan (d. 2018) and his wife Hélène Kaplan (d. 2017)

In Memory of Jaakko Hintikka (1929-August 12, 2015)

In Memory of Ivor Grattan-Guinness (1941- December 12, 2014)

In Memory of Dallas Willard (September 4, 1935-May 8, 2013)

In Memory of Ruth Barcan Marcus (1921-2012)

In Memory of John William Hill (October 31, 1950-March 18, 2012)

In Memory of Fr Jacques Sommet s.j. (December 30, 1912-October 23, 2012

In Memory of Paul Gochet (1932-2011)

Delgado, Garcia de Noriega, Velarde, Cabeza de Baca, Romero

The Delgados of Almeria in the 16th, 17th and 18 centuries, about my research on the family in Spain

27 Priests from the Almeria Delgado Family in the 17th and 18th centuries

Antonio de Molina Delgado (d. 1766) and Juana de Chavarria Butron (b. 1705)

Pedro de Chavarria Butrón and Maria Francisca de Ureña (married 1698)

Manuel Francisco Delgado (1738-1814) and Maria Josefa Garcia de Noriega y Velarde Cossio (1767-1811)

Velarde Family Genealogy (from about 1700) New son for Joseph Garcia de Noriega and his wife Rosalia Velarde Cosio, plus his description!

Maria Josefa Garcia de Noriega y Velarde y Cosío de Delgado (1767-1811)

Fernando Delgado y Garcia de Noriega (1789-1821) and Ana Maria Ortiz Service record for Fernando from 1818. Story of his death at the hands of Indians from Fabiola Cabeza de Baca y Delgado de Gilbert's notes. Eye-witness account of Ana Maria's household in El Paso.

Doctor Mariano Samaniego y Delgado (1832-1905) The distinguished grandson of Fernando and Ana Maria. Read about his studies at the Faculté de Médecine in Paris! Grandfather of the famous movie star Ramon Novarro!!

Maria del Refugio Samaniego y Delgado (abt. 1830-1900) and Alejandro Guillermo Daguerre (1813-1885)

Padre Ramon Ortiz y Miera (1814-1896)

Ramon Novarro (1899-1968), the famous movie star, grandson of Dr Mariano Samaniego y Delgado

Manuel Salustiano Delgado (1792-1854) and Maria de la Luz Baca y Ortiz (abt. 1799-1864) Learn about the red and white makeup worn by ladies to dances! Portrait of Manuel S. by the artist Ionitza and mining statutes written by Manuel S. in 1844! More information about Manuel S.'s mining activities and his death

Marcos Delgado y Garcia de Noriega (1785?-185?) and Guadalupe Valdez Picture of their granddaughter Marcolfa and her husband!

José Manuel (Ismel) Delgado (b. 1835) New! With photos!

Simon Delgado y Baca (1815-1867) and Peregrina Campbell Portrait of Simon by the artist Ionitza!

Josefa Gregoria Delgado y Baca de Romero y Baca (1816-1877) Great portrait of Josefa by the artist Ionitza! Information about Margarito Romero y Delgado. Benigno Romero y Delgado helps the mentally ill!

The Hermit of El Porvenir The Romeros and Delgados help hermit! New information about the hermit!

Pablo Delgado y Baca (1822-1873) and Irenea Nolan, Trinidad Lucero More facts about Felipe Delgado y Lopez, the Hollywood singer! Learn about Carlos Arturo Armijo y Delgado, who died on the Bataan Death March.

Fernando Delgado y Baca (1826-1875) and Trinidad Cabeza de Baca (1833-1917)

Felipe S. Delgado y Baca (1829-1895) and Benigna Garcia de la Mora y Romero (1837-1908) Interesting facts about Felipe S.'s childhood and his children. Learn about grandson Felipe S. Delgado y Salazar, the California barber, who won the Irish Sweepstakes by betting on a horse with the same name as a duck of his that he killed and ate.

Benigna Garcia de la Mora y Romero de Delgado and Children (about 1868) Account of a January 1854 marriage in Santa Fe!

Indian Superintendent Felipe S. Delgado 1865-1866

Don Felipe S. Delgado y Baca 1829-1895 Great picture with eye-witness description by Cleofas Jaramillo!

Felipe B. Delgado y Baca (1842-1908) and Lucia Ortiz (1850-1935) Eye-witness account of Felipe B.'s in-law's home in Santa Fe. Picture of Felipe B.

Luz Delgado y Garcia (1854-1907) and Manuel Valdes (1846-1928) Pictures of Luz and Manuel. Obituaries of grandson Leonard T. Valdes (1922-2002)

Sister Gertrude, Sister Victoria, Sister Ramona

Benjamin Anthony Delgado (1929-2020)

Emilio Delgado y Garcia de la Mora (1887-1943) and Manuelita Gonzales y Delgado (1898-1950) New great photos from their great grandson

Don Juan Delgado y Lucero (1853-1935) and Modesta Lopez (1861-1935)

 Rumalda Delgado y Lopez de Armijo (1900-1992)

Alfredo F. Delgado y Garcia de la Mora (1879-1929) and Catalina Garcia de Noriega y Larragoite (1881- 1915)

Margaret Delgado y Garcia de Noriega de Ortiz (1900-1993) Tells About her Life Recorded by Paul Milford Hill and Michael Ortiz Hill.

Loretto Academy Graduation Picture of Margaret Delgado (1919)

Political Ads for Margaret Delgado de Ortiz

Cabeza de Baca

Estefana Delgado y Baca de Cabeza de Baca (1833-1912) Learn about how Estefana sewed on her son's nose!

Fabiola Cabeza de Baca y Delgado y Delgado de Gilbert (1898-1991) Photo with memories of her by Adelina Ortiz de Hill. A new racy photo of her!

Governor Ezequiel Cabeza de Baca y Delgado (1864-1917) Moving story of his fight for New Mexicans!

Elba Cabeza de Baca y Gallegos (1918-2010) New! A new picture of Elba in her youth

Pablo Cabeza de Baca y Delgado (1867-1940) Selections from his "simple history of a humble man who reflected on the times during his life".

Juanita Cabeza de Baca (abt. 1851-betw. 1888-1900) and Théodore Fabrice Henry Gaussoin (1841-1913)

Ortiz, Valencia, Ortega, Barbero

Ortiz Ladron de Guevara Family Genealogy (from about 1620) With picture of the church of the Santa Veracruz in Mexico City where Ortizs were married and baptized in the 17th century. The story of El Niño Ladron

El Greco's Painting of Cardinal don Fernando Niño de Guevara, Grand Inquisitor on a Laotian Stamp!

Alfonso Ortiz (b. 1811) and Juana Maria Romero (b. 1824)

Francisco Ortiz y Romero (1848-1931) and Alcaria Valencia y Ortega (aka Alcaria Barbero) (1858-1946)

Cruz Valencia (1824-1901) Pablo Barbero (Rodriguez)

Matiana Ortega (1839-1908) and Ramon Valencia

Alcaria Valencia y Ortega de Ortiz (aka Alcaria Barbero y Valencia de Ortiz) Memories of her grandchildren Frank and Adelina

Sofio Ortiz y Barbero (1883-1966) and Rufina Rivera de Ortiz (1891-1967) Photos thanks to their grandchildren

Lourdes Ortiz (1893-1957) and Juan Howland (1883-1924)

Antonia Ortiz (1887-1979) and Juan Callahan (1883-1948)

Barbero Family Pictures (sent by Mark Webb y Barbero)

Frank Valencia Ortiz (1897-1992) Tells About his Life up until 1921 Recorded by grandsons Paul and Michael

Picture of Frank Valencia Ortiz in Mexico on the Cinco de Mayo in 1920

Campaign Poster of Frank Valencia Ortiz Plus excerpts from Sol, Sombra y la Tierra

Wedding of Frank Valencia Ortiz and Margaret Delgado y Garcia de Noriega

Three Year Old Adelina Ortiz y Delgado

Neno Carillo From Sol, Sombra y la Tierra by Adelina Ortiz de Hill, with picture of her at the cabin he helped to build.

Seven Year Old Adelina Ortiz in Fiesta Dress with Doll Excerpts from Sol, Sombra y la Tierra

Alfred, Adelina, Frank Ortiz y Delgado Inside Rancho Pancho (1930s) Excerpts from Adelina's and Frank's autobiographies.

Adelina Ortiz in 19th Century Dress

Portrait of Frank Valencia Ortiz Family in 1955

Giant Piñon and Frank Valencia Ortiz

El Greco's Painting of Cardinal don Fernando Niño de Guevara, Grand Inquisitor on a Laotian Stamp!

Vincent Paul Ortiz' Research on the Ortiz Family Picture of Manuel Isidro Ortiz when he was small.

Larragoite, Valdes

Benito Anselmo Larragoite's (1811-1878) and Feliciana Valdez' (d. 1904) Descendents (from about 1811) with the help of Rosie Armijo and Florence Lucero

Cointa Larragoite y Valdez (1854-1883) and José Benito Garcia de Noriega y Valdez (b. 1852)

Petra Larragoite 1847-1925 and Juan Bouquet (1823-1898)

Photographs of the Family of Benito Larragoite and Feliciana Valdes

Valdes Family Genealogy (from about 1650) by Florence Lucero

Nichols, Sowells, and Lesters

Nichols Family Genealogy (from about 1750)

Milford Riley Nichols (1851-1897) and Isabel Sowell (1859-1949)

Ancestors and Descendants of Asa Jarmon Lee Sowell (1822-1877) and Mary Mildred Turner (1829-1873)

Milford Lee Nichols (1877-1923) and May Retta Lester (1881-1969)

Herbert Lee Nichols (1910-1940) Shot in the heart in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Lester Family Genealogy (from about 1800)

Georgia Belle Nichols Tells About Her Life Up Until 1921 Four generations picture!

Young Lorena Geneva Nichols

Wards and Wilsons

Diadema Ward's Ancestors Facts from Zebediah's Revolutionary War Pension File!

Robert Wilson 1828-1875 and Diadema Ward 1838-1891 Facts from Robert's Civil War Pension File!

Zelah J. Wilson (1860-1904) and Robert Benn (d. 1917)


Early Hills of the William Hill-Susannah Smither Line

William Hill (1700-) and Susannah Smither

John Hill (1710-1779) and his wife Elizabeth of Amelia County Virginia

Reverend William Hill (1737-1785) and Elizabeth Halbert

William Hill (1773-1857), Secretary of State of North Carolina for 46 years

Joshua Hill (1763-1855) and Senator Joshua Hill (1812-1891) "A Staunch Southern Friend of the Union"

"Big John" Hill (1767-1830) and Obedience Cullom

Joab Hill (1775-1847) and  Elizabeth Lane (1784-1864)

 John Green Hill (1804-1875) and Susannah Hodges (1812-1881)

Professor James Stadler Hill (1832-1919) by Tom Hill

Minerva Florence Hill (1861-1938) and Augustus Wise Ames See photo of them!

Francis Marion Hill (1857-1919) and Sarah Rebecca Wilson (1870-1957) Picture of Sarah sent by her great great granddaughter Cara Pierce.

Herbert Bradford Hill (1904-1943) and Lorena Geneva Nichols (1902-1982)

Boyhood Pictures of Milford and Tommy Hill

More Boyhood Pictures of Milford and Tommy Hill

Thomas R. Hill 1928-1992 and Judith Williams Hill (d. 1997)

Wedding of Milford Hill and Adelina Ortiz Account of wedding from El Nuevo Mexicano. The photographs were taken by Hilliard Crown (1914-2005). Read his obituary!

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